Hillary, Roe v. Wade's 40th, and the Great Conservative Revival Not Working Out for Rightbloggers

Mamet's approach was expansive: He was outraged, for example, that Obama said he and Mitt Romney had more money than they needed. "Who elected him to speak for another citizen?" he thundered, having been out of town on November 6, 2012.

Mamet also declared affirmative action Marxist: "Rule by bureaucrats and functionaries is an example of the first part of the Marxist equation: that the Government shall determine the individual's abilities," he reasoned. "The government, for example, has determined that black people (somehow) have fewer abilities than white people, and, so, must be given certain preferences. Anyone acquainted with both black and white people knows this assessment is not only absurd but monstrous. And yet it is the law." One likes to imagine Mamet telling a young black person what an insult it was that he got into college.

Mamet's essay also made a number of points about gun ownership which might be convincing to some people but, as we noticed when Obama unveiled his modest initiatives, conservatives have become accustomed to pad their gun advocacy with strident anti-government sentiments more likely to convince the reader that the author is a crank. In fact we think that might be part of Obama's strategy in drawing these folks out, and Mamet's essay encourages us in this view. We might go further and say that on other subjects, too, rightbloggers -- but perhaps we've said too much already.

Do you think they'll ever catch on? Ace of Spades had a brainstorm last week: The problem is the media. Sure, they've been saying that since R.J. Rushdoony was a pup, but this time Spades is "truly alarmed about it," because while the media used to "temper their scorn of conservatism, throw them a bone now and again just to prove they were capable of such a thing," now "the media no longer hides it in their actions." That John McCain, Paul Ryan, Bob Corker, Ray Kelly, Newt Gingrich, Jim DeMint were all on morning talk shows last Sunday is probably part of this conspiracy, and we may expect the bullet-riddled body of David Brooks to turn up by week's end.

Spades went on to say that Fox News was an insufficient bulwark against media rule, because "Fox is often pitched too low to do any good with any but the already-alarmed," which we take to mean that he wants a high-class version, maybe with presenters wearing smoking jackets and berets. In any case Spades pleaded for "some patriotic billionaires" to "band together to purchase or build a media outlet."

Spades' idea, such as it was, drew support. Anne Sorock at Legal Insurrection was inspired to cry, "It's time to take on the media" -- finally! She suggested readers "treat your local news anchors like your congressman. Call them, follow them on twitter, write about their biased reports, because they weave bias into their nightly news reports on fires and high school sports teams like you wouldn't believe." Once we straighten out that famously biased high school lacrosse coverage, the votes will follow.

But our favorite response was from neo-neocon, who did not propose a solution but drifted into a meditation on just how the traitor Obama had gulled America into reelecting him. "You may recall that during the 2008 there was a lot of blogosphere and internet speculation about Obama's use of the power of suggestion/hypnosis during his public appearances," she said. "I read some of it, and although I thought it was overstated, he certainly did appear to use some of these techniques." Now if only we could find b-roll footage of Obama palming a mesmerizing disc or a gold watch on a chain, the sheeple will awaken.

Bonus neo-neocon line: "Race probably enters into it in some way I have yet to understand."

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