Salon Publishes, Retracts Article Defending 9/11 Truthers

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Today Salon got in a bit of trouble when it re-posted a story from one of its partners, The Weeklings, called "Give truthers a chance?" before immediately pulling it down after readers commented and tweeted their disgust. As pro-truther articles go, it wasn't all that bad, since it continued Salon's recent, awesome crusade against Sandy Hook truthers.

The problem came when the article's writer, Greg Olear, started with, ""Conspiracy" theories develop, first and foremost, because the official version is obviously bogus." This, of course, isn't true at all, but Olear continued, comparing the relatively well-known "Magic Bullet" conspiracy from the JFK assassination to the outrageous Sandy Hook theories from last month's elementary school massacre in Newtown. (Apparently, Sand Hook theorists are called Hookers).

Olear discounted our boy Alex Jones and his ilk as pyschos, but then screwed it up with this passage:

What concerns me about the repudiation of the Hookers is that the 9/11 Truthers are being tarred with the same "crackpot" brush. Yes, many of the September Eleventh conspiracy theories are implausible, and too often veer, as conspiracy theories unfortunately tend to do, toward the anti-Semitic. But unlike with Sandy Hook, 9/11 conspiracy theories flow from a scientific fact: whatever the 9/11 Commission Report might claim, fire generated by burning jet fuel is not hot enough to melt steel. As with JFK's "Magic Bullet," the official version asks us to pretend that the laws of physics do not exist.

We've never heard of this particular 9/11 theory before, but as Slate's Jeremy Stahl points out, the idea that burning jet fuel is incapable melt steel is simply not a fact. Which is why conspiracy theorists are hated by everyone, everywhere.

Salon published an apology shortly after pulling the article, saying, "On Jan. 22, Salon republished an article from one of our content partners, the Weeklings, that was sympathetic to unfounded 9/11 conspiracies. The article slipped through our usual review process, and was clearly not up to our standards; we removed it as soon as it was brought to our attention by readers. Salon has a long history of debunking fringe conspiracists -- around Sept. 11, and more recently, Sandy Hook -- and are proud of those efforts. We regret this oversight."

Click here to see a cached version of the Salon piece, or here to read the story on The Weeklings.

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"Which is why conspiracy theorists are hated by everyone, everywhere." 

what an absurd, sweeping, provably false and defamatory assertion. i have a masters in biomedical engineering, work in nanotech, and am no novice in the sciences in general. sadly, i reviewed the evidence that an explosive controlled demo occurred in NYC on 9/11, and it is shockingly evident from about a dozen angles, with forensic evidence and simple video analysis. of course the USG and others will ignore evidence, or use hand-waving pseudo-science and false science to "rebut" this evidence. but in the end, it does not carry water, or properly address the evidence. 

then of course, you can look into the entire event, and the official gov conspiracy theory of 19 arabs with box cutters is really torn to shreds.

and as for "conspiracy theories"? i never looked into them, until i researched and realized that without a doubt parts of the USG were intimately involved in the *execution* of the events of 9/11. therefore, i looked into history a bit, and i made a summary of *admitted* or *essentially proven* conspiracies of a nature similar to 9/11... these are not "conspiracy theories" in the derogatory sense which you apply to 9/11 (and some day such will change)... these are KNOWN CONSPIRACIES. generally admitted by governments, the MSM, and any competent historians. read up my friend, it should enlighten you-

so now what do you think of "conspiracy theorists" if we are referring to the brave people who document evidence on various events which amount to state crimes against democracy? often these people are former military/gov officials or whistleblowers. it seems such people are the last protectors of western democracy; but admitted history, with 9/11 as the major event (as it is a proven lie to those with both an open and discerning mind, who truly looked into it), does reveal that the democracy we are trying to protect, is already half sunk.... and has floundered throughput its history. but i guess us reprehensible "conspiracy theorists" who everybody hates, everywhere, should shut up, and take what came; and what is coming.

and BTW, a sig minority in most countries do not believe the USG story on 9/11, and a majority in most muslim countries don't buy it. everyone, everywhere...? or do you prefer to dehumanize a billion people or so across the globe, and/or pretend they and their clear opinions do not exist?


Truther, spectator, or Liar. Freedom today means choosing which you want to be.


I know what would happen if the truth about any conspiracy were publicly acknowledged.  It would lead to more revelations, and soon our entire civilization would be blown to smithereens.  The alternative of "a boot stamping on a human face forever," in the words of George Orwell, is not a pleasant prospect either.  The only remedy is to admit that democracy is a failure and declare martial law.  Amnesty would be provided for everyone, provided they told the truth.  My life would be fulfilled if I could read and hear the truth from the mass media for the first time.  Reassurances that no persecution of Jews will be tolerated is also essential, and Israel would be reassured that we will not attack, lest it resort to the Sampson option.

I favor a sane junta.  The we can end to the war on drugs, and the witch hunt against nuclear power, and establish effective government.  Freedom of the press would be problematical, but it is impossible now.  Modern democracy is a powder keg.  One spark and it will blow.


The live television broadcasts from the World Trade Center made no secret of the explosions.

9/11 Total Proof That Bombs Were Planted In The Buildings!

See the first broadcast from the Pentagon and the empty crater in Pennsylvania.

9/11 Video Clips Dan Rather Would Rather Not Show You

This site shows the painted on fireball at the Pentagon frame by frame.


See the cgi jet crashes in slow motion.  Amost all the videos have been removed which constitutes concealing evidence of a crime, but a few websites remain.


See the Parker family portrait in The Curious Case of Emilie Parker. Pay particular attention to Samantha Parker’s hands. Her right hand looks like an oversized paw with three talons. Her left hand almost appears to have two thumbs. Furthermore, her left middle and index fingers are in her mouth, thus forming a devil’s horn sign. Apparently, she is a contortionist because her palm is facing forwards. I don’t think there is anything mystical about it, the photoshopper was trying to send a message. Madeline Parker also seems to be displaying the devil’s horn sign with her partially hidden right hand.

There is more. Madeline Parker and Samantha Parker are sitting on their parent’s laps, but they have no legs. To a casual observer, it looks normal which is the intention. All three Parker children are are the fairest and blondest of Nordics, unlike their dark brown haired parents. To top it off, Emilie Parker sat on President Obama’s lap after being shot to death, and everyone was enjoying themselves immensely. It was a party atmosphere.

Perhaps the Sandy Hook psyop is really a plot to topple the Zionist occupation government by devising a conspiracy so asinine it would embarrass any Batman villian. How I wish!


Recently I found out that an acquaintance and Facebook friend of mine was a Sandy Hook “Truther” … that is, someone who insists that either the Sandy Hook killings DIDN’T take place, or that our own government actually orchestrated the slaughter of 20 beautiful six- and seven-year-olds as an excuse to confiscate everyone’s guns.

This particular person claims the latter, and he pointed me in the direction of a YouTube video created by one Ken O’Keefe, who purports that the Sandy Hook massacre was actually a sinister “psy-ops” ploy by the government. When I told him I didn't buy into such nutty conspiracy theories, this acquaintance of mine accused me of not being "open-minded" enough. The whole exchange upset me so much that I had to go for a long walk to calm down.

How does one possibly argue with this kind of lunacy? It would be easy to assume that if you just ignore it, it’ll go away. But in this age of YouTube videos and one-stop-shopping websites for conspiracy theories like InfoWars and WorldNetDaily and FreedomWorks, such nutty ideas DON’T go away. They go VIRAL. 

Other gun nuts are predicting civil war and armed revolution if the government passes so much as ONE new gun control law; how does one counter such threats? Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro predicts a “tyrannical” government will arise in the U.S. in the next 50-100 years; how does one argue against such prophecies? 

What the HELL is going on???


I do not believe the shooting actually took place, because we are not allowed to see any of the bodies or the actual shooting.  To hell with the feelings of the families.  I want proof that it happened.  Nor do I think it has anymore to do with gun confiscation than the Second Amendment.  Those are diversionary issues.  Don't ask me for the real motive, but the government knows that gun owners are little threat except to themselves and their families.

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