100 Facts For Grand Central Station's 100th Birthday

On Screen:

21. During the filming of a scene in The Fisher King (1991), 400 extras waltzed around the main concourse from the evening until the first trains arrived at 5:30 the following morning.

22. Grand Central is the setting for the opening scenes of Gossip Girl, during which notorious bad girl Serena van der Woodsen returns to Manhattan and inspires one of her creepy classmates to start a gossip website in order to get in her pants.

23. Remember when Roger Sterling takes Don Draper for an oyster-and-martini lunch, then pukes on Mr. Cooper's socks? Although its never mentioned by name, the Mad Men duo are believed to have dined at The Oyster Bar.

24. A baby falls down the the station's stairs for a really, really long time in the 1987 Kevin Costner film The Untouchables. The baby's fine, but a bunch of guys get shot in the process.

25. In Alfred Hitchcock's classic North by Northwest, Cary Grant makes an amazing escape through the terminal. Like The Fisher King, this scene was filmed at night to prevent disruptions to train service.

26. Grand Central has also taken YouTube by storm, starring in amazing flash mobs like this one:

27. In Superman (1978), Clark Kent battles super-villain Lex Luthor, whose hideout is located under the terminal. (Unfortunately, the lair doesn't exist in real life... At least, not that we know of.)

28. At the very end of Francis Ford Coppola's Cotton Club, Richard Gere and Diane Lane escape their mobster lives through Grand Central, boarding an L.A.-bound train.

29. Maybe Coppola was copying Midnight Run, which also features a New York-to-L.A. escape and stars Robert DeNiro.

30. Fire Power, starring Sophia Loren, also filmed in Grand Central, and is also a mobster movie. Apparently, when Hollywood thinks of the mob, it thinks of Grand Central.

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