And Here's the 1950s Test That Urges Husbands Not to be "Sissies"

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This seems fairly straight forward. Essentially, when marital congress is in session, don't be Anthony Wiener. Makes sense,

Angela Garcia as NeonMosfet


ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  I agree with EVERY WORD !!  (well almost lol)  Yes, if your wife is sick calling from work to check on her would be nice!  Giving her some real kisses and not complaining about dinner is also considerate!  So?

Honey, if a man can make a woman have regular orgasms, she will put up with the 'not a steady provider'.  If he is a steady provider but doesn't 'notice' whether or not she has an orgasm, she will look for it somewhere else.  

And I'll tell you something else, most of the things listed above that a man is NOT supposed to do, why that is all very good and wonderful advice.  Any man who is stupid enough to tell his wife she is fat or slow, compare her unfavorably to his mother or other women, stares at other women, and blames his wife for everything should consider himself lucky if he doesn't wind up with a skillet of boiling grease in his face, followed by a crack on head with the skillet.   

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