"Day of Resistance" and The Case of The Rightbloggers Who Didn't Bark

Some politicians, like Texas Congressnut Steve Stockman, climbed aboard the bandwagon. The occasion's most high-visibility advocate was Senator Rand Paul, who in a video told Resisters that "the notion that the President of the United States can simply issue executive orders limiting citizens' Constitutional rights -- even as many as 23 executive orders -- is something the Second Amendment was designed to prevent." As his auditors' trigger-fingers twitched, Paul went on, "As you stand up for gun rights today, know that I stand strongly with you, and that I will always stand up for the Bill of Rights and our Second Amendment."

Well, the great day came, and news reports on the rallies trickled in: "More than 200 people" in Tulsa, said the local Fox affiliate ("'When you come for my gun, bring yours,' said Phillip Morgan, a Vietnam Veteran. 'I'm a law abiding citizen for now'"); "about 250 people" in Ventura, California, said the Ventura County Star ("Faulk, a sixth-grade teacher at Ventura's St. Augustine Academy, said he would feel safer and better equipped to protect his class of 15 students if faculty members were allowed to have firearms on campus"); "Nearly 150 people" gathered in Yakima, Washington, reported the local NBC affiliate ("'Them taking my guns is like taking your breath,' said Bosworth"). "More than 100 take part in Western Maryland 'Day of Resistance' rally," said the Hagerstown, MD Herald-Mail ("'If you want our weapons, you come and take them,' Woods said"); "more than 100 supporters" in Asheville, NC, per the Citizen-Times ("'I'm out here to make sure we don't head down the road to despotism,' the former Marine said"), etc.

Some rightbloggers shared their photos and their memories, too: "200 - 250 People Protest Government Overreach in Joplin, MO," announced Nice Deb. "Even on a grey, dark day with intermiteant spitting snow... approximately 400 attendees stood on the stairs of the State House and filled the plaza in front. ," reported Granite Grok. "Many had rifles (the majority being the 'make Progressive soil themselves' semi-automatic AR-15 style)." The Silicon Greybeard reported from Melbourne, Florida a crowd of about 200. "I think it's safe to say that most of the group was armed," he wrote.

Clayton Cramer said there were 1000 people at the Idaho State Capitol, which if true would probably make one of the larger rallies (so far Bakersfield, California seems the biggest at 1,700); his pictures didn't really give that sense of scale -- in fact, the largest cluster he showed was engaged in a drum circle ("I was told that these were Snake River Alliance, one of the local far left groups here in Idaho") -- but what the hell, it's Idaho. Cramer also observed, "Even more pleasing was the number of really quite attractive young ladies that were present... It's a silly way to enlarge our numbers, but it works, and the media can't tell who is there for the cause, and who is there for the hot chicks!" Wait'll the boys in Twin Falls find out about this.

"Top 15 #DayOfResistance Photos You Will Never See in Democrat Media," said Director Blue, though we can't imagine why not -- except for the crowd in Phoenix, the turnouts Director Blue pictured look rather thin. "Thousands attend Day of Resistance rallies in support of Second Amendment," said Twitchy, Michelle Malkin's alternate-universe Twitter. While the photos they published didn't suggest large crowds either, it's certain that the rallies together added up to thousands -- as did those fabled, sweeping-the-country Tea Party rallies of yesteryear.

But the Day of Resistance didn't seem to have a lot of media reach -- and that went for citizen as well Lame Stream media. Which got us to thinking: Where were the big-time rightbloggers on this?

At this writing, National Review hasn't published a thing about it. Neither has Michelle Malkin. Glenn Reynolds issued one terse reminder of the event, but since then, nothing, though his site is full of its customary gun advocacy. Since Matthew Boyle announced the event, Breitbart.com has been silent on the subject. RedState, though festooned with ads that say things like "OBAMA SAYS, BAN GUNS!" also gave it a pass. Ditto Commentary, the Weekly Standard, and the other outrage outlets that supply us with so much of our copy week after week. Why, they had more to say about Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day than about this celebration of the holiest of all Constitutional Amendments.

Maybe these worthies chose to keep their powder dry. Since the Newtown massacre Americans remain split on gun control; it could be the smarter rightbloggers have surmised that the balance won't be tipped in their favor by mobs of gun-toting, rebellion-talking silver bugs. Better to go with a proven winner -- like Benghazi, or socialism, or any of the other themes that have been working so well for them lately.

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