Let's Place Bets On How Much It's Gonna Snow This Weekend

It's gonna snow in New York City this weekend.

Well, not definitely. Most things that happen in life are unexpected. But there's a very good chance it will on Friday night, continuing into Saturday morning. We know that because everyone's been saying it's gonna snow, like, a lot. It could be 'historic.' It could not be.

Who really knows. We surely do not. But here are a few predictions from people who know Mother Nature better than Mother Nature herself.

New York Magazine: 0-38 inches

National Weather Service: 0-12 inches

Wall Street Journal: 0 inches *Shrugs*

AccuWeather: 3-6 inches

NBC New York: It depends.

CBS Local: 6-10 inches

Bloomberg Media: 6+ inches

Mayor Bloomberg: "This is winter."

Gothamist: Confused.

NPR: No idea. Check out this dark scary map, though.

Our guesses: Uhm... Prepare for the best/worst?


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Steve Hildenbrand
Steve Hildenbrand

Haha..you'd swear it's politics. I can't remember every hearing so many arguments over how much we will or won't get.. And who's right or wrong in the media.. And who's telling the truth, who's lying. One thing is certain. There WILL be weather.

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