Rightbloggers and the Great Obama Skeet-Shooting Mom Jeans Conspiracy

"White House actually commanded people not to photoshop the Obama gun picture" (Director Blue); "What kind of dictator is this guy?... it would appear that not only does Obama have an issue with the Second Amendment and a right to bear arms. He also seems to have one with the First Amendment and free speech as well" (Scared Monkeys); "The White House's decree... the White House edict..." (Doug Powers, Michelle Malkin) etc.

"They don't want you to Photoshop the picture," declared Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit, who then found some guy to criticize the President's shooting form: "Either the recoil kicked his ass or he doesn't know to lean into the shot when shooting," said Some Guy. "He shoots a gun like he throws a baseball... It means he's a panzy. And it still threw him back. It also means he never shoots a gun." This he-man "did not wish to be identified."

Several rightbloggers bravely exercised their First Amendment rights by photoshopping the image. You can imagine what those were like ("Shooting both the American flag and the Constitution were popular choices for the photo," reported Glenn Beck's The Blaze). SooperMexican did the most popular one, replacing the lower half of Obama's body with that of a girl in Daisy Dukes because, well, Obama's a panzy we guess. "You know not all is lost when reverence for the occupiers of the White House is entirely shunned in favor of disdain for the dictator via symbolic fun," gurgled Karen de Coster at Lew Rockwell's blog.

Prodded by David Plouffe and other Democratic operatives, who really deserve a bonus, some folks noticed the fuss rightbloggers were making over the whole thing, and (who can blame them?) made fun of them. Breitbart.com reacted: "MEDIA FOLLOWS OBAMA'S ORDERS TO MOCK SKEET-GATE SKEPTICS... You see, the media is proud to publicly proclaim that it doesn't matter if Obama lies. No, really. How depressing to know a White House reporter at a major news outlet doesn't give a 'rat's a**' if the president of the United States is lying"... about shooting skeet.

So, to recap: The President says skeet shooting goes on at Camp David. Rightbloggers say it's bullshit. The President releases a photo of himself firing a weapon. Rightbloggers give it the full Jim Garrison treatment, and claim the White House is trying to deprive them of their First Amendment right to make jokes about it. We know how the kind of people who think Obama is a Muslim unAmerican panzy will respond to this. But how do you think normal people will respond?

What's the troll-target next week, Mr. President? Gay rights? Can't wait.

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