Lawyers for Whistleblower Cop Slap Queens District Attorney Richard Brown With A Subpoena

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Lawyers for whistleblower cop Adrian Schoolcraft today served Queens District Attorney Richard Brown with a subpoena demanding that he give a videotaped deposition and turn over all documents related to Brown's finding that there was no criminal conduct when Schoolcraft was forcibly removed from his home by police commanders in October, 2009, the Voice has learned.

As the Voice's NYPD Tapes series reported, Schoolcraft was dragged out of his home by police on the orders of Deputy Chief Michael Marino on Oct. 31, 2009 and held against his will in the Jamaica Hospital psychiatric ward for six days. This took place three weeks after he reported corruption in Bed-Stuy's 81st Precinct to investigators.

Those allegations were later proven true in a report kept secret by the NYPD for nearly two years before it was disclosed in the Voice last March. Schoolcraft's lawsuit alleges he was forced into the psych ward as retaliation for talking to investigators.

It's fairly rare for a sitting district attorney to be hit with a subpoena in connection with a case he oversaw. But then, the Schoolcraft story is anything but routine. It may be the most embarrassing episode of Police Commissioner Ray Kelly's long tenure. And the list of unanswered questions about Schoolcraft's treatment could fill a book.

"It's unusual that an actual district attorney would be subpoena'd, but if he has relevant testimony, he can ultimately be compelled to give a deposition," says Jeffrey Pittell, a defense lawyer and former prosecutor. "Even the president of the United States has been deposed."

Queens District Attorney's Office
Brown's statement clearing police and hospital officials of criminal wrongdoing in the incident was released in mid-December. In the statement, Brown said the investigation took "three years" and was "comprehensive." "After thoroughly reviewing all of the available evidence and considering all applicable provisions of law we have concluded that there is no credible evidence to support the filing of criminal charges in this matter," he wrote.

The timing of the statement was odd. Even people intimately familiar with the Schoolcraft affair didn't know any investigation was taking place. Schoolcraft himself was only interviewed once by prosecutors in Brown's office for just 90 minutes. He wasn't even notified before Brown's office released the statement. And the announcement also came at a time when Schoolcraft was between lawyers, and therefore, more vulnerable.

"One would think that the Queens DA's office would first consult with the complainant before sending out the press release," says Peter Gleason, Schoolcraft's lawyer. "DA Brown's so-called comprehensive investigation creates more questions than answers. I'm hopeful a review of his file will lend some clarity to what I characterize as the kidnapping of Adrian Schoolcraft."

"The timing is right for this matter to be pursued zealously in that we have an election coming up and I hope that the issues that Adrian has brought to the table will have an impact on this upcoming mayor's race," he adds.

Brown spokesman Kevin Ryan declined to comment on the subpeona, except to confirm that it had been received.

Ryan points out that the DA's office had notified Schoolcraft's prior attorney, Jon Norinsberg, of the results of the investigation days prior to the release of the statement. At the time, Norinsberg was still Schoolcraft's attorney of record.

As for those questions raised by Brown's statement, the Voice delved into them at length in this blog post.

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NYPD Domain Awareness -- a special division will have to be created to destroy incriminating video of NYPD captured by Domain Awareness a tech system that costs between 30 and 40 million tax payer dollars.  The Manhattan DA and NYPD guilty of trying to suppress NYPD video filmed by Taro that proved OWS Michael Premo innocent, NYPD guilty, perjury and DA in bed with corrupt cops.  Nice.  Adrian Schoolcraft trial not good for the NYPD brand and new era the NYPD trying to sell Domain Awareness and get a commission for every sale.  If NYPD fixing crime not good for biz.  

Adrian Schoolcraft kidnapped and kept in psych ward while Mike Bloomberg barely stole a third term with lie crime down when in fact NYPD fixing crime just like a Las Vegas Casino...a number's game the fix is in.


FYI:  I called the retired Honorable Judge Mollen to talk to him about getting a new commission.

Retired Judge Mollen said we need a mayor to appoint someone - that was how the Mollen Commission came to be.  We won't get a commission with Mike Bloomberg and or his puppet Christine Quinn.


FYI the NYPD detectives that screwed with me never EVER met in person.  The corrupt cops that took the false cross complaint against me by the woman who almost blinded me but first violated my patient rights -- those cops never called me or met with me and Det. John Vergona never ever met me either refusing repeatedly to meet me in person to see my wounds to eye and arm and he couldn't understand whether it was my right eye or left eye.  det john vergona said "I don't care if you have two black eyes".  When I heard Adrian Schoolcraft's secretly recorded tapes I knew I had lived it -- the First Precinct Det Squad fixing crime just like a Las Vegas Casino.   

Sgt Chen and Det Vergona will not even give me their badge numbers and Internal Affairs is so backed up they 90 days to investigate them are gone but the case remains open.  Gee why is IA so backed up?  Than in Jan. I made complaints with IA against the 2 detectives who's names I do not have who got the false cross complaint to investigate but calling me and meeting me not part of the investigation.  Uber corrupt fixing stats.

Adrian Schoolcraft secretly recorded tapes but for the NYPD brand.  See my post below about Domain Awareness.


Queens DA Brown knew if he put NYPD Chief Marino and DI Maureillo in front of grand jury they would be indicted and that is bad for the NYPD Brand.
I was a big NYPD supporter except when they did wrong but thank Det John Vergona for emotionally pistol whipping me, lying about me to me but not in person too much of a coward and he won't give me his badge number even at the Comptroller's request because Vergona that confident he is above the law or should I say NYPD protocol does not apply to him. Thank Vergona for my new stance demanding a new commission in to NYPD like knapp and Mollen which is never wanted but now while NYPD brand selling Domain Awaremess oops Awareness. Premo lawyers exposed NYPD perjury and NYPD DA lies and hiding NYPD taro video proving perjury so why do we need 30 or 40 million Domain Awareness?

Will IA have to create a special division to destroy Domain Awareness video. 30 mill tax payer dollars and I email cops who won't face me in person video of assault and no arrest.
Vergona knowingly used a false complaint by the violent woman who attacked me but first violated my patient rights to make another crime assault disappear.  

Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan DA kiss your jobs goodbye.  
Cy Vance shortest tenure.  
NYPD Stats are like a Las Vegas Casino, a numbers game the fix is in.
FYI Sgt Chen also named in my notice of claim to sue city said -- you are the one assaulted at the doctor's office but fyi me being assaulted was not ever part of the First Precinct's stats  Either was Delita Hooks filing a false complaint another serious crime.


Queens DA Brown's "report" reeks of a whitewash. It should be made public immediately. Sending a whistleblower to a mental hospital is exactly what the KGB would have done.

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