Medical Marijuana Bill Introduced in NY Legislature [Updated with Commentary]

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Assembly Bill 6357 and Senate Bill 4406 would allow for medicinal use of medical marijuana in New York.
A bipartisan coalition has introduced a bill in the New York State Assembly and Senate simultaneously that would permit use of cannabis for medical purposes by patients who have been certified by a doctor. So far, 18 states have passed similar bills, including New Jersey.

The legislation, known as Bill 6357 in the Assembly, and Bill 4406 in the Senate, still manages to spell marijuana as "marihuana," the same way it appears on the 1937 Federal Controlled Substances Act, in which it is categorized as a useless and very dangerous substance, the same classification that persists today.

The Voice asked Dr. Sunil K. Aggarwal, M.D., PhD., cannabis expert and resident physician at NYU Medical Center, what he thought about the legislation, and here's his response:

This bill needs to be passed. Thousands of patients in New York state could benefit from medicinal use of cannabis under a doctor's supervision. The safety level, the research, and clinical experience in other states are there. Doctors can get rapid CME training at places and accredited by the publishers of the NEJM and UCSF. For some conditions like HIV painful neuropathy, inhaled cannabis is the treatment with the best quality of evidence with most benefit.

Next: The text of the Assembly version of the bill, courtesy of NORML's website.

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This bill needs to pass. It's not only for people who can't eat or in a lot of pain, it's also used as an anti depressant or a sleeping aid. I smoke pot so I can get rid of my depression at times but I need it so I can sleep. It's now almost 3 am and I won't sleep tonight and that's because I have no weed. Yea my back hurts sometimes and I hate taking pills to get rid of it. I would rather smoke weed fall asleep and not feel the pain in the morning. There r times during the day and my ADD is acting up and I seem like I can't calm down (let you know I'm only 18) I'm not taking aderol to get rid of that, that's why I'm like this. I don't like pills and I feel like this is my only alternative in life right now. Yes we need to get help to the people that are in pain first but then we need to start helping the people with depression, sleeping disorders, ADD/ADHD, people who have chronic back pain, people who have severe chronic head aches or migraines. My girlfriend (who is 18 as well) has suffered with epeleptic seesures all her life and she is on so many pills (the highest dosage possible since she was 14 or 15) and I introduced her to weed not to long ago and there are days that she goes with out her pills and she will smoke with me and my back pain and head aches go away and she doesn't have to worry about going to a concert and having a seesure. Her grandmother has a medical card for her arthritics and she dose great. So really let's think.....weed helps everything. From cancer to just trying to get sleep. This bill needs to pass for the severely sick and the people who need help to make it through the day.


Positive: Jobs, less money towards busting small time 'crooks', medicinal value ( don't give me your bs about it does not help people with chronic pain...I've witnessed them finally get out of their wheelchairs and do things for themselves) ,less arguing between friends and loved ones, nothing else for the stupid hippies to complain about and much simpler compromises. More social and willing to go out, less depressed or paranoid on a drug tested by the FDA. Not laced street weed that can sometimes make you keep watching your back. Can be eaten in a dinner, or dessert without even tasting it. Soup, cereal, lollipops, ice cream stew, tea, coffee, ect...ect.Negative: weight gain in some from eating more ( which in many cases is meant for ), DUI (which is actually safer than a drunk a-hole driving around, not that driving on pot is an alternative ).


The legalization of medical marijuana for neuropathy is long over due.  I deal with severe pain nearly every day of my life now since 2002.  It is awful to live in extreme pain like this along with the limitations of range and motion.  Many individuals would benefit from its legalization.


Although cannabis was a medicinal plant for thousands of years, its medical use was suppressed and banned throughout most of the 20th century.  Banned in England, Canada and the US in the 1930′s, medical cannabis represents the first casualty in a war against natural medicine waged by the pharmaceutical industry.  While banned in the US, there have been major scientific breakthroughs in Israel, Spain, Italy and Brazil over the last two decades.  These breakthroughs have made cannabis ”the wonder drug of the 21st century”.For More click Here:

Jeffrey Dach MD


Regardless of one's personal feelings about the usefulness of marijuana as medicine it really is not up to people to tell other adult citizens what they should use when they are sick. There has never been a single death associated with the overdose of marijuana.  It is time to begin to move marijuana out of the criminal justice system especially for those who find it medically beneficial. Many adults wish to use marijuana for medical reasons and NY needs to create a workable system that keeps people from being destroyed or unable to use an available drug that may find beneficial. If you don't want to use it - simple - don't. 

frank124c topcommenter

I am in favor of the medical use of marijuana. There is now evidence that marijuana is beneficial in the treatment for cancer, not only to prevent the side effects of chemo but also as a cure in itself.  I also believe marijuana should be allowed for senior citizens who have  various aches and pains due to the aging process. It makes no sense to allow people to use alcohol and cigarettes but not marijuana since it is a fact that more people due from the use and abuse of alcohol and tobacco than from marijuana. In fact I don't know of anyone who has died from use of marijuana while just about everyone has friends and relatives who have died from tobacco use. 


I agree with the original phrase "useless and dangerous".  Another portal abuse drug with a cycle of addiction.  Boo!


Yeah.  Pass the hat with the money.  We can use the debate costs.


@SamPappySpiderman< ----big pharm your research 'portal'' as if you meant gateway drug, get real cigarettes and alcohol are the gate way leader and open your eyes what are most of these kids doing these days drinking alcohol and getting hooked on pills leading to suicides and deaths leading from overdoses to vehicle accidents to cancer,liver know, we know, I could go on but prove the facts of your statement and I can gurantee you centuries of knowledge to prove differ...I AM IN COMPLETE SUPPORT TO BACK THIS BILL INTRODUCTION WITH SUPPORT FROM LEGAL ADVISORS AND MMJ COMMUNITIES IN OTHER LEGAL STATES TO PROVE YOUR STATEMENT BE WRONG. If your a blog hopper go debate about something in your own criteria no one is interested in your comment....



And the illegal surveillance.  What about my corporate legal groups having to compensate for the brutality of neglect?  The hookers are all looking for your bubbling asses.

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