The Basics Of Sunday's MetroCard Fare Hike

On March 3rd, the MTA will seek budgetary revenge on straphangers. Sorry, it's happening. And we're being service-y because it's the only thing left to do before this fare hike takes effect on Sunday.

So here's what you should keep in mind before you swipe your life away.

1. The Permanent Basic Fare: $2.25 -> $2.50

2. The Weekly: $29 -> $30

3. The Monthly: $104 -> $112

4. That Bonus You Get When You Put A Few Dollars On Your Card: 7% -> 5%

5. The 'Redeeming Value': $5, instead of $10, will be the minimum for those lessened bonus dollars

6. The unlimited and pay-per-ride MetroCards are now one in the same. It's a metropolitan miracle.

7. As Garth Johnston from Gothamist writes, "You must ride the subway 13 times (two rides per workday and three on the weekend) to make a 7-day MetroCard worthwhile and you must ride the subway 48 times (two rides per workday and eight on the weekend) to make a 30-day unlimited MetroCard worthwhile."

8. For the sneaky: you must activate unlimiteds pre-fare-hike before March 11th to obtain their full value. Or you're gonna get screwed.

9. To revise an old headline of ours, "Nothing's fun about the MetroCard fare hike, but you already know that."

10. Again, we're sorry.


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The fare should be tripled per rider to pay the workers more.  This can be achieved by data linking the cards.  Use machines that only allow purchase by credit card for anyone making more than 75k.  Make it a felony if they don't use a credit card.  Then charge them double by data linking to their tax returns off the ssn on the credit card account.  Easy.  Then the fare for less than 75k workers can be FREE!  Make the rich suffer and let the people triumph.  The people own the subways.  Also, raise the cab fares by triple - but free for the les than 75k crowd.  Also, like the bridges, gouge the out of towners, so they pay 5 times the rate - like the hotel tax.  All by ssn. 

Dwayne Lowe
Dwayne Lowe

The mta is doing this to fatten their paychecks will making the people who take the trains/busses suffer poor service. that's how the mta has been for god knows how long.

Facebook Page
Facebook Page

the entire MTA needs to be fired and people who can actually count need to be brought in. cause i cant for the life of me get these hikes as a result of budget issues. they also need to scrap that dam 2nd ave subway line. its just dumb. if folks can wallk from west side highway to 8th ave for the train surely those on the east side can walk from york to lexington.


I don't think it's as much about having a subway line closer to the east side highway as it is managing east side congestion. C'mon folks, there are only THREE trains that go the length of Manhattan on the eastside, all on the same line. How many are on the westside? 7.5? (counting the E as the .5) I used to live/work in that area, and have *never* seen the type of congestion the eastside has. Sometimes you'd have to wait for three trains to go by because the train operators simply couldn't allow any more passengers on. Eventually, you'd just sneak and fight your way onto one lest you be on the platform for an hour. I don't blame that capital expense whatsover.

What *is* the problem is the absolute refusal of some of our elected officials to truly represent the needs of the average person in NYC. All these Wall Street firms in NYC, this is the most renowned city in the world, and yet the city doesn't have the funds to manage this measly agency better? If you look at the figures, actually taxing the corporations that make their home here and progressively taxing the wealthy, even with just a marginal increase, would work budget wonders on a $hit ton of city agencies. Don't blame the MTA, blame the elected officials (ahem, Bloogmberg and his kind) that are dead set on maintaining the wealth of their friends (and/or future employers) and not the average person in NYC.

frank124c topcommenter

@Facebook Page I agree. If they can't walk they can always take the bus.

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