Should You Post That to Facebook? A Handy Guide

Facebook can be a tricky place. Home to over-sharers and extroverts, the social network can get pretty weird for the rest of us. It seems as if no one ever asks, "Should I post this to Facebook?" before posting. To help, we've asked that question for you, along with reasons why you should--or shouldn't--publish that status update.


"My daughter just put on the performance of her young life in the school play!"

Should you post about it on Facebook? NO

First and foremost, your daughter doesn't want you posting anything about her on Facebook. In fact, she doesn't even want you on Facebook. What are you doing there? Your mere presence is an embarrassment. Buy her a bouquet of flowers and weepily tell her "brava" after the show--at least that embarrassment will be confined to the school theater.


"I just got promoted!"

Should you post about it on Facebook? NO

Congratulations, seriously. Now shut the hell up. You know what the reward of getting promoted is? Here's a hint: It's not likes and half-hearted congratulatory comments. It's more money. Take the cash and zip it.


"My significant other and I just broke up."

Should you post about it on Facebook? NO

You're in a lose-lose situation here. On one hand, this is a torturous time for you and you feel like exploding in grief. On the other, any comments you make on Facebook will make everyone really uncomfortable. Go ahead and bottle those emotions up deep inside ... your Facebook friends will thank you.


"I'm on vacation!"

Should you post about it on Facebook? NO

Don't worry, your friends know what the Eiffel Tower looks like.

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