NYU's Tisch School of the Arts Joins Anti-Administration Drumbeat With No-Confidence Vote

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The wave of faculty dissatisfaction at New York University continues to roll on. After the School of Arts and Sciences voted in favor of a statement of no confidence in President John Sexton and his administration back in March, similar resolutions were passed by NYU's Gallatin School, its Steinhardt School, and its Tisch Asia program.

Today, add another big NYU division to the list: NYU's Tisch School of the Arts just finished tallying the votes on their own no-confidence resolution, and the results, while hardly overwhelming, are clear: Of the 169 professors who voted, 93, or 55 percent, voted in favor of the statement of no confidence; 76 cast votes disagreeing; 16 abstained.

Following word of the vote, Mark Lipton, the chair of NYU's board of trustees and a close ally of Sexton, reiterated the board's support of Sexton and his controversial expansion plans.

"The Board finds today's vote by the Tisch faculty disappointing," Lipton wrote. "It is our hope that in the aftermath of the vote, the focus will return once again to sustaining NYU's academic momentum and continuing the school's drive for artistic and academic excellence."

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This "drumbeat" will go nowhere and eventually fizzle, because Mr. Lipton, who is one of the most powerful living members of the NYC legal and cultural establishment, will simply keep sending out the same public relations message and will refuse to take any steps to remove Mr. Sexton.  To get some insight into how things really work among the academic "elite" of Washington Square, see how the New York Internet cops, acting at the behest of NYU officials, dealt with impertinent "Gmail confessions" in which a well-known department chairman was portrayed as accusing himself of plagiarism -- accusations originally made by an Israeli journalist in 1993, but never investigated at NYU:


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