PHOTOS OF THE DAY: The New York City Ent, Spotted Again at Penn Station

Have you seen this Ent? Last week, a tipster sent us a photo of a person on stilts dressed like a tree near the Upper West Side Whole Foods. This week, one of our readers spotted TreeBeard again, this time ducking the ceilings at Penn Station. @Taborifica tells us that Mr. Beard barely fit in the tunnels, and "was awesome and creepy" at that.

Treebeard, O Treebeard, you beautiful, possibly deranged mystery. Tell us your deal! Come forth! We will welcome you with open ... branches.


Got any captivating photographic ephemera (weird-ass shit) you'd like to share on Runnin' Scared? Send 'em to No dick pics, please, for the love of God.


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