Queens Elementary School Goes Completely Vegetarian, First To Do So In U.S.

P.S. 244Q in Flushing is known to students, teachers and parents alike as "The Active Learning Elementary School." It was opened five years ago by its principal, Robert Groff, as an experimental institution focused on nutrition. The school is the Bloomberg administration's educational dream, placing a heavy emphasis on learning and public health.

In January, the school began to limit the meat in breakfast and lunch meals to specific days of the week. But, yesterday, the school made an unprecedented move: now, it will be the first public school in the United States of America to serve an all-vegetarian menu.

We're talking strictly black bean quesadillas and tofu in a school cafeteria. Oh, and Friday is pizza day. And what's amazing is that, according to the Daily News, the kids love the all-veggie-everything menu! Think about this: ten years ago, Lunchables were a thing. Oh, how the times have changed.

Given the enormous spike in child obesity over the past decade, school administrators across the country are becoming more and more concerned with the health of their students. So this announcement is a landmark for this nutritional movement. And it happened in our very own backyard.

Eat your vegetables, kids. They're seriously good for you.


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frank124c topcommenter

A diet lacking in meat is also lacking in vitamin B12 which is needed by the immune system. Veggy diets are cheaper than balanced diets, the school will save money, but these kids will be more susceptible to disease.  

Julio D. Ugarte
Julio D. Ugarte

That is why I love Queens, where I attendend & graduated from shool. Aviation High School, 1970.

Nina M-Photo
Nina M-Photo

Hope they're not just gonna load the kids up on carbs and soy

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