When Stopped, White New Yorkers Almost Twice as Likely to Have Weapon Over Blacks

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Two studies have slammed assumptions about stop-and-frisk's effectiveness this week. On Wednesday, an NYCLU report showed that black New Yorkers have been disproportionally stopped for suspected possession of marijuana, with cops wrong about that suspicion 91.5 percent of the time. Another report put out by the public advocate this week shows that white New Yorkers, when stopped, are actually far more likely to possess a weapon than African-Americans.

In 2011 and 2012, it "took nearly two times the amount of stops of black New Yorkers to find a weapon when compared to stops of white New Yorkers," according to the report. The numbers in the table below pretty much sum up the situation:

Office of the Public Advocate

Yet while the number of overall stops have decreased over the past two years, the proportion of black and Latino stops (85 percent) has remained stable.

Office of the Public Advocate

The data would suggest that for all Police Commissioner Ray Kelly's talk about stop-and-frisk saving lives, the practice of stopping young black New Yorkers at an absurdly higher rate than whites is statistically misguided. This does not bode well for stop-and-frisk's constitutional argument.

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@BillyCorben the problem is the ratio to which whites and blacks are stopped in NY


@BillyCorben Whos going to rob a black person? What they got to steal? Of course white person got a gun for protection


What a surprise, Whites arming themselves for self-defense.  Well, just proves that they are, as a race, more intelligent.

dregstudios topcommenter

“Stop and Frisk” is a breach of civil rights for anyone stopped, regardless of their race.   The actions and abuse by the NYPD are filling the very definition of a “Police State” where citizens are under never ending scrutiny in order for cops meet a quota designed to turn profits.  You can read much more about our Justice System running amuck and how they’ve violated civil liberties across the country in the name of the almighty dollar at http://dregstudiosart.blogspot.com/2012/08/the-privatized-police-state.html


Well... After the New Black Panthers declared open season on white babies and white mothers, what the heck do you expect? Does anyone out there have a rational answer to that declaration?

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