Uh Oh, Ray Kelly, Those NYPD Legal Claims Continue to Rise Way Ahead of Other Agencies

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Legal claims against the NYPD are still rising, outpacing those of all other agencies, Comptroller John Liu tells us. New police action claims--false arrest, shooting, excessive force, civil rights claims, etc.-- rose 22 percent in fiscal year 2012, nearly doubling over the past five years. However, the number of new claims against all other agencies dropped 19 percent in FY 2012 as compared with FY 2011, and plummeted 10 percent over the past five fiscal years.

Here's a quote from Liu: "The growing number of new claims against the NYPD will cost taxpayers more money, and is a measure of public frustration with the agency. This disturbing and persistent trend at the NYPD must be addressed by the Bloomberg Administration in order to keep New York truly the safest big city."

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Fukk Mayor Bloomberg
Fukk Mayor Bloomberg

ray kelly should be stripped naked and horse whipped in the middle of time square for his crimes against the citizens of NYC.

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