Have You Dated Anthony Weiner? Joe Lhota Wants to Hear From You

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Joe Lhota, mayoral candidate and dating guru
Have we heard enough, directly or indirectly, about Anthony Weiner's penis? Yes? Enough to last many lifetimes, please stop? Too bad. Because now, as Weiner leads in the polls, Republican mayoral candidate Joe Lhota wants to hear from ladies who have seen and interacted with it, i.e. Weiner's exes. This important campaign update comes to us via the New York Post, which naturally refers to Weiner upon second reference as "the penis tweeter." In case we forgot.

In a segment on the Andrea Tantaros Show yesterday, Lhota said New York women who hear about Weiner's dating past will change their minds about voting the man into the mayor's office.

"I hope [women] will come to the right conclusion after enough women come out and talk about what it was like to be with him and date him and things like that," Lhota told Tantaros. "New York women have to decide for themselves if this is someone who has the character to be mayor."

The implication here, obviously, is that women vote male candidates into office based on who'd make the best boyfriend. (That's obviously how charm-machine and possessor of overwhelming good looks Rudy Giuliani made it into office twice.) Weiner campaign spokeswoman Barbara Morgan didn't respond to the open call for exes, telling the Post, "Anthony is too busy talking about the future of the middle class and those struggling to make it to respond to Mr. Lhota's mud throwing."

Tantaros was the one who initially turned the interview toward a lady referendum on Weiner, saying that "as a woman" she distrusts him, and calling him "selfish, sick and disrespectful to women."

"If he's gonna lie and be disrespectful to his own wife, how do voters in New York City believe he's somehow going to respect their wishes and not act like some bizarro pervy freak?" she asked.

In other words, New York women: If you don't want to date any these guys, don't vote for them for mayor. In other other words: maybe just stay home on election day.

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chris.london topcommenter

JOE LHOTA CAMPAIGN ENTERS 'CREEP MODE' - IF ALL JOE LHOTA'S CAMPAIGN HAS IS TO SMEAR ANTHONY WEINER, PUT A FORK IN HIM RIGHT NOW BECAUSE IT WILL MAKE JOHN CATSIMATIDIS SUBSTANTIVE CAMPAIGN EVEN MORE APPEALING The bottom line is that Joe Lhota's Campaign may actually be in trouble and he may be looking too far afield. With John Catsimatidis gaining on him, he is at risk of not even emerging as the Republican nominee.  Lhota thinks it makes sense to go after Anthony Weiner, the candidate in a dog fight of his own on the Democratic side. Who does this?  It says a great deal that a GOP Candidate who has not won his own primary is engaged in character assassination of a guy he may never get to run against. Whomever is advising Lhota is giving him the wrong advice frankly. Lhota's public solicitation for women to come forward with dirty dating stories on Anthony Weiner, may in fact be far more creepy than anything that Anthony Weiner has ever done in his life.  By doing this Lhota will invite reflection on his own character. It makes him look...DIRTY.   Lhota's strategy might make sense if he was a paid political operative for the Christine Quinn Campaign or an unconnected Republican political operative seeking to stain the process for the opposition.   But since he is actually a Republican Candidate himself, running in a different primary than Weiner, this kind of campaigning undermines his own stature and credibilty as a candidate.

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