Mark Dice Is Asking Long Islanders to Sign a Mandatory Euthanasia for Old People Petition [VIDEO]

Remember back in 2010, when the new healthcare legislation was equated by Republicans with The Giver-style life planning, complete with executing newborns and murdering old people? After the apoplexy faded and Sarah Palin crawled back into her stasis pod, the debate entered a more reasonable register, but the bad taste of "death panels" lingers to this day. And yet, Mark Dice can still make us laugh when he petitions Long Islanders to support "mandatory euthanasia" for old people to keep healthcare costs down.

Dice, a man who makes his money peddling rightwing conspiracy theories, roams the boardwalk collecting signatures for an obviously fake legislative effort to execute people after a certain age.

The politics here are a snore. It's the same old cartoonish ideas about what the healthcare law actually means. But while the Voice is generally opposed to the "state killings of old people" position, we also think Dice's gag is pretty hilarious.

The best part? People sign the petition even after Dice explains what it's for. The trick, Dice claims, is just saying that you're "helping Obama," and boom! Make room on the bandwagon.

Sigh. We make it too easy.

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I appreciate the kids who totally got it and were totally for it. Grandparents must have gotten annoying.


i say it should kick in at age 18. "Wild In the Streets," bitches.

fishingblues topcommenter

@debbie10020   Deb:  watch what you wish for.  At the end of "Logan's Run", a little snot-nose like yourself proclaims "Let's kill everyone over 14".

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