What Manhattan Might Look Like at the Bottom of the Grand Canyon

Photo Courtesy of Gus Petro
Ever wonder what living in New York might be like if the entire city were at the bottom of the Grand Canyon? Swiss photographer Gus Petro has done the imagining for us by photoshopping images of the city's streetscapes onto the Grand Canyon. Check out some of his prints after the jump.

The photos are totally seamless; the transition from New York's telltale high-rise-intensive density to desert wasteland conjures the sense of a post-apocalyptic city, or a metropolis on some alien world.

Petro tells the Voice that all told the photos took about one month to make, between taking the photos and traveling the country. He adds that it then took "[a] couple creative days and nights at home working in post production" to render the images.

Gus Petro

Gus Petro

Gus Petro

Gus Petro

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