The Dirty's Nik Richie on Going "CSI" on Anthony Weiner's Penis, and Other Revelations

Nik Richie is the proprietor of TheDirty, the gossip website that posted dick pics and dirty chats that Anthony Weiner sent to a 22-year-old he met online--after resigning from Congress and amid a year-long apology tour that preceded an announcement that he intended to run for mayor of New York.

It's the biggest story that TheDirty has ever had--the second biggest, to give you an idea of the material the site typically trafficks in, were naked pictures of disgraced Miss USA contestant Carrie Prejean.

Richie says that the young women approached him on three separate occasions, over the course of more than three months, before he took her claim seriously. Richie tells the Voice, "I said, 'I'm not trying to be mean, but I don't believe you.'"

The first time she came to him was in April 2013, shortly after the New York Times magazine profile of Weiner and his wife, Huma Abedin. The profile upset her. "She told me that what bothered her the most was the fact that he said that once the scandal happened it was done with and he moved on and he got therapy and he was fixed and she looked at it like he was lying," Richie says. "She was like 'Wow, I can't have this guy being a mayor and doing this to other girls.'"

But she didn't offer any hard proof. "From the get-go she was like, 'I had a relationship with Anthony Weiner for six months, a sexual, phone sex thing. He had a shoe fetish.' Basically telling me but not giving me any kind of factual information."

It wasn't until last Friday that she said what were, for Richie, the magic words. "The third time she reached out to me was last week around Friday, saying, 'You know, I have screenshots of conversations.'"

That was something Richie felt he could run with. He compared the pictures with the pictures still circulating online from the scandal in 2011. "I did my research online, I looked at pictures of his legs. I zoomed into his hair on his legs, I looked at his toes and his feet."

But not just his feet. Richie says, "I looked at the bulge of his pants, because the type of Carlos Danger or wiener or whatever you want to call it--he has a very mushroom-type head, which is very defined, and it's defined in the bulge. So, I went CSI in a no-homo way and kind of looked at things for what they were from a professional standpoint. I thought, 'This is him. This is him.'"

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