Recovering Homophobe Brett Ratner Backs Christine Quinn for Mayor

Guys, TMZ and the New York Post think a Hollywood homophobe backing an NYC lesbian for mayor is news!

Well, maybe it is. TMZ reports in a rather disgustingly written item that Brett Ratner has donated $28,400 to Christine Quinn's mayoral campaign. The piece seems to suggest that Rattner is atoning for his homophobic outgassing ahead of the 2011 Oscars.

Christine Quinn seems like she's onboard with the incorrigible director supporting her bid for mayor, telling the Post that "What Brett Ratner said when he was preparing for the Academy Awards was completely unacceptable. [But] he went about fixing it and making it better and making sure he never does that again."

Not sure how this will play with the city's gay community. The irony here is that the whole question might be moot, since Quinn has so thoroughly alienated the New York queers with her obsequious relationship with Mayor Bloomberg.

Several gay rights organizations have already expressed their displeasure with Quinn by backing other candidates. Bill Thompson made headlines last month when he locked up the endorsement from the Jim Owles Democrats, one of New York's two LGBT political clubs. The news media cast it as betrayal, despite Quinn's well-documented political maneuvers at the expense of the community that thought she was going to be its ringer on city council.

Read more: "LGBT Purists to Christine Quinn: We'd Love a Gay Mayor. Just Not You. "

Maybe the support of a recovering bro will ease the sting of last week's news that Anthony Wiener had overtaken Quinn as the frontrunner in the Democratic primary.

Though the respite might not last long. Right now Wiener and several other candidates are jostling for LGBT group endorsements, a mad dash to one of the Democratic party's most reliable ATMs.

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Brett Ratner is an ignorant Hollywood douche famous for making bad movies. His bad form "rehearsal is for fags" was not in everyone's estimation some anti-gay rant. If you take a look at the video on TMZ it seems almost silly that GLAAD turned him into Public Enemy Number 1.

If there is some other evidence of Brett Ratner being anti-gay, perhaps the contempt lobbed at him for that reason is justified. However, what is clear is that some of his wealthy friends who really have no sense of what is important to Real New Yorkers and why Christine Quinn is a bad fit for NYC likely told him that funneling money to Christine Quinn would be a good PR move, being that she is an Out Lesbian running for Mayor of one of the most important cities in America, if not the world. That she is corrupt, a political hack or fundamentally not qualified matters little as it will help his PR with the gay community backing her.

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