Rightbloggers Celebrate the Fourth with Dreams of Revolt Against King FDR V-VI

tomt200.jpgDid you have a good 4th of July? Get in a little grilling, maybe a picnic and some fireworks? And did you take a moment to contemplate the blessings of liberty in this, the land of the free?

Brother, you were duped! Rightbloggers spent the 4th reminding their followers that America is crushed and suffering under the tyrant currently extending Roosevelt's four terms of despotism, King FDR V-VI; and some hinted that, elections having failed to dislodge him, only revolution would set things right.

The celebration of the Declaration of Independence got some of the brethren feeling Founderish, and they penned jeremiads against the oppressor Obama.

In his 1,836-word address, "JULY 4, 2013: CAN AMERICA RECOVER FROM OBAMA AND HIS FELLOW TRAVELERS?" One Citizen Speaking detailed everything that was wrong with the President -- for example, "his appointees for high office were demonstrably corrupt, incompetent or pursuing a toxic socialist or gay ideology" -- as well as with RINOs like Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio; he mourned the absence of "True conservatives - men like Ronald Reagan, John Wayne and Jimmy Stewart, men who were willing to stand up to bullies and call a spade a spade," and that "modern man has been feminized by overwhelmingly liberal feminist teachers who see playing dodge-ball in the schoolyard as the moral equivalent of playing with a loaded gun."

One Citizen Speaking yet deigned to "even bother to celebrate today" only because "I know this is America and we can survive the failed experiment that is Barack Obama." Others weren't so sure.

"Can anyone remember a July 4 when Americans felt less free?" moaned Barry Farber at WorldNetDaily. Farber had to admit that, to the naked eye, America looked free and prosperous -- "materials are moving, goods are being produced, services rendered, payments made" -- but it just wasn't right somehow: "It's the steak with no sizzle," he metaphorced, "the sunset with clouds covering the color. You can belt out a 'Hip!' and then another 'Hip!' but you've had it before you get to the 'Hooray!'" It's hell to get old, isn't it?

And it's all King FDR V-VI's fault, explained Farber: "Never, ever have we witnessed a more arrogant, less competent, more leftward-lunging and, if you know history, more frightening administration." Even worse -- most voters don't seem to appreciate how horrible the hip-hooray situation is! "Why should Americans, whose military and moral strength and resolve salvaged and saved the post-World War II world from easy communist takeover, have to mutter at uneasy social gatherings whether or not we're being led into the same communism we saved the world from beginning in 1945?" asked Farber. Answer him that, hippies, if you can figure out what he means.

(Via.) Well, at least liberals aren't burning flags anymore.
"Are you like me in that you are having a difficult time trying to decide what to for the 4th of July holiday?" asked radio host Dave Hodges. "Do you feel like me and feel that we don't have a lot to celebrate given the present state of affairs?" Good, then you'll listen to the rest of this bullshit. "It doesn't feel like the 4th of July," said Hodges, "when a quality person and parent like Stacy Lynne, of Fort Collins Colorado, had her son stolen from her over a 19 months ago by the Agenda 21 forces of her community for daring to speak out on behalf the small business owners." Agenda 21, we see, well, look at the time... "It doesn't feel like the 4th of July when journalists, Michael Hastings and Andrew Breitbart can be murdered for exposing government corruption..." Here's our bus bye!

"How can we celebrate the degradation of liberty?... Regrettably, today we have the opposite of what the Framers gave us," blubbered Judge Andrew Napolitano at libertarian flagship Reason. "Today we have a government that alone decides how much wealth we can retain, how much free expression we can exercise, how much privacy we can enjoy. And since the Fourth of July 2012, freedom has been diminished," because King FDR V-VI, in a startling break from the Bush-era civil liberties agenda, has started spying on Americans. "Somewhere Jefferson is weeping," intoned Napolitano. "Happy Fourth of July 2013." No sparklers for Judge Napolitano.

"We celebrate the holiday in 2013," said Alan Caruba in his "A not so happy Fourth of July" at Renew America, "in a nation sharply divided between those who wish to retain and maintain the traditional and political values of America - conservatives - and the liberals who want to adopt the failed socialist systems of Europe and elsewhere."

And guess what -- the socialists are winning! "The transformation of today's America from one whose values are enshrined in the Constitution... did not occur overnight," he said; such monsters as John Dewey and such catastrophes as "the rise of the union movement" kicked off the apocalypse, and today's liberals who "welcome the attack on traditional marriage... that has resulted in the legalization of same-sex marriage in many states" and "defend abortion even though it has killed an entire generation of Americans in the womb" are bringing it to a climax.

As for King FDR V-VI, "his conduct is more that of a monarch or dictator," said Caruba, "indifferent and resentful of the judiciary and of Congress... The government the Founding Fathers feared would happen is the government we now have. It is not a happy Fourth of July." No sparklers for Alan Caruba, either.

But Jerry McConnell seemed like he wasn't going to take it lying down! "We Should Declare a Second Independence on This 237th Independence Day," he headlined at Canada Free Press. (See, that's how bad King FDR V-VI has gotten -- patriots have to go to Canada to publish their revolutionary tracts!) "How much longer," began McConnell, "do you think we will have to wait to hear the tin-horn puppet of billionaire Communist George Soros, usurper president of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama give his ultimate order for Christians to cease and desist any and all mention or reference to their (bogus to him) religion in a public venue?"

McConnell only gets more excited from there on, but alas, it turned out he wanted someone else to do his revolutionizing for him: "Why can't someone who cares," he whined, "that enjoys the proper office and legal instruments to initiate a leadership action, step up and light a fire under the only remaining government entity, the House of Representatives, to begin the task of bringing colonial justice and conservative America back to the descendents of our Founding Fathers?" C'mon, Jerry, you first -- grab your flintlock and watch patriots run to back you up! Please make sure to call a news crew first.

From his headline, "Is America in a Pre-Revolutionary State this July 4th?" we had hopes of greater revolutionary fervor from PJ Media kingpin Roger L. Simon. He began promisingly: "Are we headed for a Tahrir Square of our own with the attendant mammoth social turmoil, possibly even violence. Could it happen here?" After some yap about health care reform and the IRS, Simon brought up Tahrir Square again, and even fantasized what liberals would be doing during his revolution: "Ironically, if our society enters a revolutionary phase, liberals will find themselves in the role of the Islamists, defending a shopworn and reactionary ideology on religious grounds, because it is only their faith that holds their ideas together at this point." (Memo to casting: They should also spit when they talk and have really bad haircuts.)

All very funny, but watchman, what of the night? At last came Simon's breathless close: "I am filled with foreboding about what's to come, indeed about what is already here. When I look at the masses swarming in Tahrir Square, I am at once repelled and attracted, repelled because, to be honest, I find their culture more than a bit crazy, but attracted because I know something is seriously wrong, not just in Egypt but in the USA."

And there the transmission ended. Unless Simon has finally gone senile, he can't have meant to finish like that -- the ObamaKommando must have cut him off.

The National Patriot drew up "A FORMAL INDICTMENT of the Dictator Obama" based on the Declaration, substituting King FDR V-VI's crimes for George III's (e.g., "Obama strongly backs socialist unions to remove American values and fundamentals from school curriculum in order to 'brainwash' today's youth as his Attorney General, Eric Holder, has suggested"), but did not call for his fellow patriots to join him under the mulberry tree and bring plenty of powder.

These guys liked dressing up as Patrick Henry, but choked on the "give me death" part.

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