Man Goes Up to a Roof Expecting a Threesome, Gets Maced, Dies Instead

Photo Credit: Sean Future via Compfight cc
Protip: If someone offers you sex, but makes coming to a rooftop one of the conditions, make a list of all the bad choices you've made in your life and read it over. Then decide if joining the five-story-high club is something you're serious about.

Rob Reichl of Bay Ridge fell to his death after being lured to the top of a Sunset Park building for a tryst. He went expecting two women offering him a good time; instead, he found three men who maced and robbed him of $2,000. The macing caused Reichl to lose his footing and plummet to his death.

The Daily News reports that one of the women and two of the men have been arrested in connection with Reichl's death. Murder does not seem to have been the intent: The plan was to mace Reichl and split whatever money he had on him.

It's stuff like this that makes it hard to leave the house.

(h/t: New York Daily News)

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