Trayvon's Ghost: Rightbloggers Pleased Zimmerman Got Off -- But Still Feel Persecuted By Blacks

tomt200.jpgLast night George Zimmerman, who 17 months earlier had stalked an unarmed black kid, got into a fight with him and shot him to death, was found not guilty of murder.

There has since been a slew of commentary on the verdict, some of it actually thoughtful and conciliatory. Needless to say, this does not apply to that of most of our rightblogger friends, who have from the beginning considered the case a terrible injustice toward white people, and are currently pretty happy that someone got away with shooting an unarmed black kid to death.

But there's something spoiling their happiness. No, not concern for the dead kid's family -- come on, look who we're talking about. It's mainly the hate and fear that made them so crazy about this case from the beginning.

We hasten to acknowledge that some George Zimmerman fans nonetheless had the decency to express regret that the unarmed black kid was dead. Erick Erickson of RedState, for example, wrote that "there are no winners here save for Zimmerman's not guilty verdict. He will have to live with this for the rest of his life and, sadly, Trayvon Martin will never get that chance." As Erickson is ordinarily a world-class asshole, this is noteworthy, and shows that such a thing is not physically impossible.

Alas, these were rare exceptions. Most of the brethren expressed a mix of joy at the getting-off and resentment toward Martin, President Obama, and, really, black people in general.

The Conservative Treehouse said Trayvon Martin's parents went to court, not because their unarmed son had been shot to death, but because they were "seeking monetary justice, or more directly monetary gain." Also apparently involved in this conspiracy: Charlie Crist and "NBA All-Star Legend Oscar Robertson." The Conservative Treehouse also claimed that "the flames of racial tension have been stoked to a white-hot inferno in Sanford Florida, and arguably quite hot around the nation," not because Zimmerman almost didn't even get charged with shooting the unarmed black kid, but because of the money-grubbing Martins and their celebrity enablers.

This post appeared under the title, "A Nation of George Zimmermans Awakened."

Fox News reporter Todd Starnes issued a series of non-sequiturial tweets, including, "AP reporter on Zimmerman verdict: 'So we can kill all teenagers now?' No ma'am --- only unborn babies," "Let's just hope the DOJ-sponsored protests don't get out of hand," and "Where were Reid & Obama when this [black] baby got shot in the face? Where were the marches & protests, & investigations?"

This notion that black-on-black crime excuses the exoneration of the guy who shot an unarmed black kid to death was popular among the brethren ("So, as long as black kids are shot by other blacks, it's cool then?"), for reasons that hardly need to be explained.

Dan Riehl, for example, went multi-tweet to inform his audience that "Trayvon's family would have done well to be 'concerned' about Trayvon long before his confrontation with Zimmerman. The real tragedy for..." "...young black males is that it's politically impossibly to hold their family to account as parents." Also: "@annfriedman Chill out. Black kids kill one another by the hundreds every month and u couldn't care less. zzzzz @thegarance." Riehl's professed concern for African-Americans is touching, and we look forward to seeing him express it in a speech to the NAACP. (Oh, also: "And idiots like erick ericskon hand-wringing over this case is pathetic Bcuz it feeds into the myth. It's pathetic grandstanding." Is there some cash award for Asshole of the Week Reihl's going for?)

At, Ben Shapiro got pissed about the #JusticeForTrayvon hashtag that started going around, so he pretended to give a shit about a black kid who'd been shot dead in Chicago, whose assailants are unknown but must be black because Chicago. "Members of the media including Reverend Al Sharpton and Reverend Jesse Jackson focused on the 'not guilty' verdict in the George Zimmerman trial over Trayvon Martin," seethed Shapiro. "...President Obama has not commented on Green's death. Neither have any other politicians.." But this dead black kid has been adopted by Ben Shapiro, who has created a #JusticeForDarryl hashtag with which you can make fun of people upset about Trayvon Martin. Dan Riehl's really gonna have to work hard for that prize money.

Break out the champagne, guys!

Others didn't even pretend to give a shit. Warner Todd Huston tweeted, "Just deserts: If you want to pretend to be a 'dangerous' thug, expect someone to take you seriously and put a bullet in you," and "Breaking: George Zimmerman NOT GUILTY! Let the race-baiters start their riots.... NOW!" I Own the World clogged its bowl with humorous gifs such as this one of Zimmerman captioned, "Free at Last, Free at Last, Thank God Almighty, Free at Last." Among their kind, it's a very old joke.

"I bear no personal ill will to Trayvon," claimed insurrectionist Bob Owens, "but HIS OWN TEXTS confirm he was a drug abusing, gun-dealing, street-fighter, and his family knew." And that's a capital crime in Owens' klavern.

"Ooga booga," said Rush Limbaugh. "Ooooooga booga ooga ooga booga." "Heh," said Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit.

The alt-conservative, libertarian response from Reason magazine authors was that whatever you thought about the verdict -- and the reactions of the Patrick Bateman impersonators who comprise their commenters show they were mighty pleased with it -- you absolutely must not connect it in any way with Florida's Stand Your Ground law. Radley Balko tweeted, "Media people: Stand Your Ground was not a factor in the Zimmerman verdict. Stop perpetuating this myth." "While it's true that Florida has eliminated the duty to retreat for people attacked in public," said Jacob Sullum at Reason, "that provision played no role in Zimmerman's defense or his acquittal." Though "stand your ground" was explicitly mentioned in the instructions to the jury, Zimmerman hadn't invoked this right in the pre-trial phase -- and, besides, Stand Your Ground is a pet cause of libertarians' greatest sugar daddies, the Koch Brothers, so shut up or Reason may have to move to a Blogspot domain.

As for the more Ron-'n'-Rand, stars-and-bars sort of libertarians, you can see their attitude in stories like "George Zimmerman's Brother Robert Just Eviscerated Piers Morgan in an Exclusive Interview" and "Am I the only one on [Daily Paul] that thinks Zimmerman was guilty?" (Answer: Yes.)

Speaking of the media, this was also their fault, said rightbloggers. "George Zimmerman Acquitted, Media Guilty," headlined Matthew Sheffield of Newsbusters, because "the trial of Zimmerman would likely have remained strictly a local news story had it not been for the antics of MSNBC's Al Sharpton who was advising Martin's parents on how to gain more publicity (and also calling for Zimmerman's arrest) while simultaneously serving as a commentator for the Democratic network." Sounds like these Martins are the real criminals; when's their trial?

"Will the jury's repudiation of the national media's Narrative cause any second thoughts about the press's prejudices that caused so many to get this story so wrong for so long?" said Steve Sailer, whose own prejudices take a different direction.

If you thought there was something disturbing about Zimmerman getting off for shooting an unarmed black kid -- especially since, when it's a black person who does the Ground-Standing, acquittals are much, much harder to come by -- rightbloggers will have you know that you're the real bigot.

Power Line's jubilant John Hinderaker named several people who were guilty, unlike the guy who shot the unarmed black kid, including "race hustlers like Jesse Jackson, Barack Obama and Al Sharpton who lied about what happened and tried to stir up riots." This POV was shared by Republican Congressman Steve King, who blamed the President and also, natch, "the media," who "turned [it] into a race issue."

Al Sharpton, who was not pleased by the verdict, became a target for many of the don't-see-race types. Aaron Goldstein of The American Spectator takes the palm, though, for suggesting that Sharpton was in fact happy with the acquittal, as it "gives Sharpton an opportunity to be the center of the media spotlight to tell the world that America is still a racist country." Imagine if Zimmerman had killed three unarmed black kids -- then Sharpton would be three times as happy!

Pre-verdict, the brethren had been telling each other that black people, abetted by the black federal government, were going to wreak vengeance on Whitey if Zimmerman got off. They told each other that when the Department of Justice sent mediators from its Community Relations Service to the scene of the incident, their purpose had not been to calm tensions, but to "Facilitate Anti-Zimmerman Protests." ('s Lee Stranahan tried to elevate this to a Big Rightwing Scandal by calling it "Trayvongate.")

And they predicted, as they are wont to do, that African-Americans, subject as they are to base animal passions, would naturally erupt into riots if Zimmerman were acquitted. When the verdict rolled in, many of them raced to the warning bell.

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