The Bike Messenger in Tuesday's Cab Crash at 30 Rock May Have Caused the Whole Thing

Bicyclist cuts off cab driver. Cabbie gets mad. To spite biker, cabbie steps on gas to cut biker off. Cabbie loses control of car, plows into pedestrian. Pedestrian loses her foot. Cabbie goes to jail. That's the narrative we were all expecting, right? Turns out 24-year-old Faysal Himon, the driver of the cab that severed tourist Sian Green's foot on Tuesday, may not be the villain in this story after all. A New York Post report has found that yes, Himon was not licensed to drive the cab, and yes, even he admits to being a bad driver, but he might have been trying to escape the bike messenger everyone else thought was yet another blameless victim.

Kenneth Olivo, 40, allegedly goaded Himon after an argument in traffic. "He started pounding on my car with his hands," Himon told the Post. "I had to get out of there. So I accelerated to get in front of him."

Olivo, who sustained minor injuries in the crash, has a history of bad behavior and public drunkenness. His illustrious rap sheet includes everything from being busted with an open container of Four Loko to threatening a McDonald's employee with decapitation.

Still, Himon has copped to four other moving violations since 2010. And there's nothing tackier than pinning a car accident that resulted in a young woman losing one if not both of her legs on your problem with all cyclists in New York City. That's right: Himon tried to pass off blame onto cyclists hogging the streets, as if they made him do it.

"A lot of bikers disregard the bike lanes and drive wherever they want," he told the Post.

(h/t: New York Post)

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Mr. Brooks -- This explanation does not seem plausible when you consider the evidence. The taxi damaged the bicycle's rear wheel, meaning that the cyclist was already in front of the cab at the time of the collision. One does not accelerate forward in order to "get away" from something directly ahead. Keep in mind the taxi driver's statements are by nature delivered with self-serving intention.

A more likely explanation is that the cab driver, in a moment of rage, decided to "teach the cyclist a lesson", and the injury to Green was an unintended side effect.


@VoiceStreet Not surprised. Bike messengers are exempt from traffic laws. To them, every lane on every avenue is a bike lane.


@Jj_nyappdefense @VoiceStreet

BTW it is perfectly legal for cyclists to ride on streets without bike lanes, or to ride outside the bike lane when necessary.

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