A Bomb Just Went Off in Bushwick, Reports Rapper Kitty Pryde

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Update: 2:40 p.m.:

Actually, it was multiple manhole fires, according to FDNY. The fires broke out this afternoon near 176 Maujer Street in Brooklyn. Four to five manholes were involved, but all of the fires were contained by 2:20 p.m.

The cause remains unknown. "There's a number of things, of reasons it could be," said FDNY spokesperson Michael Parrella.

Con-Ed, he added, would be investigating. "It's their equipment, so they are better suited to do the investigation of the fire. If it was was a house, you know, we would do the investigation, but it's not."

Tuesday, August 13, 1pm:

Rapper Kitty Pryde reports a bomb just went off outside her apartment in Bushwick.

The explosion occurred around 12:20 p.m.

Rather, the series of explosions.

There was some speculation at the scene about who may be behind the explosions.

Area residents are remaining calm.

Police and firefighters are currently responding.

Luckily, there do not appear to be any fatalities.

Witnesses remained stoic throughout the ordeal.

If you would like to donate to victims of the Bushwick bombing, chips and salsa are the preferred method.

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Manuel Ferreiro
Manuel Ferreiro

Bushwick its a Hell hole with its own brand of late night crack whores and pimps, reject actors, mixed with a flock of broke ass, Vegan Hipster that ran away from expensive Williamsburg! Bushwick its everything!

Amira Alista
Amira Alista

My problem is the idiot recording it talking about how she hates Bushwick. The $2,000 rent isn't a good enough reason? Definitely a troll

Marien E. German
Marien E. German

ARe you sure, because loosy goosy media screamed bomb the other day on 23rd street and Madison and it was just a van whose engine caught on fire and the tires exploded. FAR FROM A BOMB...

Tom Weiss
Tom Weiss

HEY VILLAGE VOICE!!!! You are pieces of shit that scare people.

Amira Alista
Amira Alista

LOL they want you to read the article instead of just the title. The title is to draw you in


when are you going to change the title of the post? sensationalist doodie.

Rapheal Crump
Rapheal Crump

if you know what it really is ... why add false titles and hype it up... NY doesnt need to be scared of false shyt! report things correctly

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