After Slaying of Christopher Lane, Rightbloggers Revive the Old Ooga Booga

tomt200.jpgAn Australian baseball player named Christopher Lane was shot to death in Oklahoma, allegedly by three local kids, two black and one white. The kids were questioned but presumed to have acted in self-defense, so they were let go, leading to a public outcry and an arrest...

Whoops, actually the young men were arrested promptly. This would seem to be the key difference between this apparent thrill-killing and the death of Trayvon Martin -- unless you're a rightblogger, in which case the key difference is that this time the victim is white and the shooter is black, inspiring a new round of that old conservative pastime, Ooga Booga.

As we have previously explained in these pages, Ooga Booga is a routine in which rightbloggers tell the world (actually each other, but they think the world is listening) that black people are predisposed to kill white people, and are in fact engaged in a decades-long pogrom against them. The intended effect, it would seem, is to stir up white animosity toward Democrats, who are associated with African-Americans for some reason.

In this case, the brethren appear to be animated by resentment over the recent Trayvon Martin case -- not the outcome of the trial, which they applauded, but the fact that some people felt bad for the unarmed dead black kid, despite rightbloggers' best efforts to explain why he deserved to die. So while there were some far-outliers who blamed Lane's murder on, say, abortion (the suspects "could have been aborted... there's a thing called 'survivor syndrome,'" etc.), in the main rightbloggers compared the responses to Martin's death and Lane's, and portrayed the difference as yet another unfair break black people were getting at the expense of whites.

Early rightblogger reports were right down the expected pipe. "Three Teens Who Could Look Like Obama's Son Murder Australian Man, NRA Gets Blamed," raged Jammie Wearing Fool. (In an update, the author added, "Apparently the original photo contained two images of one suspect, and now one is identified as white. The revised photo has replaced the original." Many of his colleagues, needless to say, never bothered.)

"If G.W. Bush Had a Son, He'd Look Like Christopher Lane," said Taleen Starkes at American Thinker. When Obama expressed sympathy for Trayvon Martin, Starkes explained, "the Lefties claimed that he wasn't being divisive, he was simply 'keepin' it real.'" (There was no citation for that quote. Was it Chris Matthews?) "Another Dead White Teen Obama Won't Identify With... Unfortunately, he doesn't look like Trayvon," wrote The Foxhole. "Of course, it's not a hate crime unless the victim is black. I hope he and his little nigga pals get the death penalty."

"Cat got your tongue, Al?" asked Weasel Zippers, referring to Al Sharpton; if you're wondering, the failure of black leaders to denounce every black-on-white crime as it occurs is often assumed by rightbloggers to be evidence of anti-white racism. Cf: "Not surprisingly, Al Sharpton and Barack Obama, who quickly opined on the George Zimmerman self-defense case against Trayvon Martin, are silent," said Katie Pavlich at TownHall. She also thought Sharpton and Obama "should be asking why the hell these teenagers were 'bored' in the middle of the day." Pavlich did not solicit their opinion on why they have to wear their pants so low. "Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson: call your office," said Greg Pollowitz of National Review.

Now apologize for that chick Bigger Thomas killed in Native Son.
Not that any response from black people would matter to these guys. For example, when Jackson tweeted, "Praying for the family of Chris Lane. This senseless violence is frowned upon and the justice system must prevail," Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit scoffed, "It's the least he could say - And he knows it. Maybe someday Jesse, Barack and Al will weigh on Morley Lion's murder, but it's doubtful." This refers to another white person killed by blacks; presumably if Jackson reacted to that, Hoft would just pick another such case, in hopes of luring Jackson into a Bugs Bunny/Yosemite Sam-style confrontation.

At Legal Insurrection, neo-neocon asserted that since Obama was so goopy about dead Trayvon Martin, "empathizing with the grief of the African-American community without mentioning anything about Zimmerman or his family" -- killers suffer too, y'know -- and hadn't said anything about Lane, "it's difficult not to conclude that in the Lane case Obama identifies more with the accused killers and their families than the victim of their attack..." She also deduced that Obama "thinks the killers were angry about profiling, that their violence was motivated by that same 'difficult history,' and that they need to know we care."

"If Obama Had A Son He Would Not Look Like Christopher Lane," said Some Guy at RedState, who claimed that "this event has an interesting parallel to the Trayvon Martin case" because "the primary killer in this case as identified by police, James Edwards, has an internet presence eerily similar to that of Martin." For example, "He created a ganster-wannabe image, brandished weapons, etc." (Martin's gun-brandishing, it should be noted, took place in internet photos, not on the night of his slaying.)

As to the line Obama "emoted" about Martin and his son, Some Guy added, "that is probably true as Obama has treated the nation exactly the way Trayvon Martin treated George Zimmerman, he's sitting on its chest and bashing its head against the metaphorical sidewalk." Following Some Guy's logic, if someone shoots Obama, it'll be America defending itself, metaphorically.

Some Guy also informed us that "in the milieu in which Obama was raised and educated" -- Hawaii and Harvard Law, we guess he meant -- "a 'dialog on race' is shorthand for 'let's shakedown whitey.'" He then went on about the "documented epidemic of black on white violence" but, apparently to show he was No Racist, added an expression of concern over "the carnage endemic in black neighborhoods in our major cities"; then, just in case anyone thought he was showing insufficiently tough love, dropped in a knock on "the deleterious effects of the gangster culture romanticized in hip hop music."

Gangsta rap, being one of the few things most rightbloggers know about black people, was a popular Ooga Booga signifier in this case.

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StringOnAStick topcommenter

A few weeks before the killing of that poor Australian guy, the winger I know was getting his racist freak on much more than usual.  Whatever he's on about is always what Fox News is currently selling hard, so I suspect Fox had been upping the dog whistle symphony in preparation for the March on Washington anniversary.  I'm sure Roger Ailes raised his eyes to heaven when the Lane murder hit the news.   


"In this case, the brethren appear to be animated by resentment over the recent Trayvon Martin case -- not the outcome of the trial, which they applauded, but the fact that some people felt bad for the unarmed dead black kid, despite rightbloggers' best efforts to explain why he deserved to die."

Best summary of whit reaction to the case I ever heard


Shake down haoles, not whitey. Roy, you need to visit our state to get the patois/Creole down better.


jamesakabug @JAMESAKABUG

90% of white ppl are nasty. #HATE THEM

1:34 AM – 29 Apr 2013

65 Retweets 16 favorites

jamesakabug @JAMESAKABUG

Ayeee I knocced out 5 woods since Zimmerman court!:) lol shit ima keep sleepin shit! #ayeeee

10:49 AM – 15 Jul 2013

28 Retweets 5 favorites

jamesakabug @JAMESAKABUG

Nigga of chief keef don’t drop almighty SOSA or something by #Monday I’ma put hands on every wood I see until they drop lol @ChiefKeef

11:21 AM – 24 Jul 2013

7 Retweets 3 favorites

merl.allen topcommenter

I'm a 54 year old white male, I had no idea that wearing a hoodie makes me a thug. I know that my 63 year old wife is one since she was a Union member. She is the least scary thug ever. Unless I leave dirty dishes on the stove. 


@edroso can you try to work "thunderdome of honkeycide" into a PBN piece? On a serious note, enjoyed reading this.


@OogaBooga What the fuck are you supposed to be showing?  Some idiot who likes the rapper Chief Keef says dumb shit.  And is retweeted 65 times?

OMG, our nation of 300,000,000 people is gonna end because 65 teenage rap fans say stupid shit on Twitter!

Yet more evidence that people that pay attention to Twitter are twats.  Especially idiot racist trolls who hunt for dumb shit to get their panties in a twist over.


Thx! RT @ScottGKraft: @edroso can you try to work "thunderdome of honkeycide" into a PBN piece? On a serious note, enjoyed reading this.


@edroso - you will get attacked by your precious negroes soon enough


Oh, by the way. That twitter was from one of the thugs who killed Christopher Lane, ya stupid shit.


@Al__SwearengenYou don't think there are black racists out there? Libtards have a shit factory for a brain.

The New Black Panthers want to kill all "crackers" ( as does Ayo Kimathi, ( who will see all of his black brethren "on the battlefield".

Stupid shits like you refuse to acknowledge the race hustlers and the racial violence committed by blacks. Newsflash, sweetpea: it happens, a lot. So much for ‘post racialism’.




I'm showing the stupidity of assclowns who deny the race crimes committed by blacks as well as their racist comments. While I'm at it, here's more for your reading pleasure: (,,

Lots more at this link:

Newsflash, sweetpea: The so-called "stupid shit" is rampant throughout the black community. You're a typical race-baiter.  Your proctologist called. He found your head.


@GeoX Gee, and all this time I thought it was you dimwitted leftards who have you heads so far up the ass of King Salim Shabazz that you can taste everything he eats. Keep munching, dumbass.

GeoX topcommenter

@OogaBooga Boy, when I saw this post, I was wondering: will the dimwitted white-supremacist cretins descend on it?  I suppose the answer was obvious, in retrospect.  Watch out, though: given how utterly predictable you are, I somehow don't picture you lasting long in TEH COMING RACE WARZZZ!!!!111

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