Aurora Snow on Sydney Leathers's Possible HIV Exposure: "I Don't Have Much to Add"

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Porn actor Cameron Bay came forward Wednesday admitting that her recent unconfirm HIV diagnosis is the reason why the porn industry is on ice until further notice. Some good old shoe leather over at Gawker revealed that the last porn actor to have unprotected sex with Bay was Xander Corvus, the man who starred alongside Sydney Leathers in her porn debut.

The news of Sydney Leathers's possible exposure to HIV ricocheted across the Internet yesterday faster than you can say Vag Viking. The Voice reached out to former porn actress, Daily Beast contributor, and outspoken safe sex advocate Aurora Snow for her take on the evolving controversy.

"I don't have much to add," she wrote in an e-mail, with links to not one but two essays on the very issues of STIs in porn and Sydney Leathers's possible foray into the adult film industry (her advice: Don't do it).

Amounting to a big, fat "I told you so," not just to Leathers but to the porn industry in general, Snow's writing saw this one coming from a mile away

Essentially, we wouldn't be sitting here waiting out the news cycle to tell us whether Sydney Leathers is HIV-positive or not if the porn industry had taken its head out of its ass for just a minute.

2012 saw the passage of Measure B, a law requiring porn actors in Los Angeles to wear condoms during scenes. A judge ruled last Friday that mandatory condom use was constitutional under the First Amendment. (That will be the first and last time "condom" and "constitution" will appear together in any sentence you see from this writer). But the industry's intransigence has led to weak enforcement, bringing us to the situation before us, and possibly many others like them.

There is an industry-wide filming moratorium in effect until the exact path of the infection is identified, though (needed!) moralizing over condom use will continue long after. And whatever your gripe with Sydney Leathers, it's unequivocally crappy to be waiting for HIV results in news headlines. So let's gather the last of our human decency and hope that test comes back negative.

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Aurora snow has some NSFW pics and videos on

Vh Hurtado
Vh Hurtado

Aurora Snow does great interracial anal and lesbian porn!

Rapheal Crump
Rapheal Crump

no one is gonna comment or like this post because they are afraid people will know they watch porn hahahaha topcommenter

The likelihood that Sydney Leathers has contracted HIV this way is miniscule.  That's the only good news here. 

Cameron Bay most likely was infected by a high-risk male and probably did not pass it any further. 

That doesn't change the fact that sexting is lame and porn is sleazy. 


Send your story tips to Raillann Brooks.  You're kidding, right?  No just joking.  But seriously now if this isn't total celestial payback then I don't know.  'Member when you were young and your would mimic someone with a physical ailment and momma would say, "be careful God doesn't punish you and you end up like that"? Well, that's kind'a like what happened to miss Leathers.  Sort' the "be careful what you ask for" sense of the word. 

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