Eliot Spitzer Campaign Throws Mad Shade at Stringer Over "Justin Bieber Appreciation Day"

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My God, the shade.
Just when you thought we couldn't wring any more absurdity out of city elections, along comes the Spitzer campaign with an attack against his competitor Scott Stringer that is more than a little bit childish.

Hari Sevugan, spokesman for the Spitzer campaign, circulated a pie chart calling attention to Stringer's attendance record at NYCERS trustee meetings. (NYCERS is a city agency in charge of the arcana of the city employee pension system. The more you know ... ) The point seems to be to mock Stringer for endorsing "Justin Bieber Appreciation Day" while calling attention to his poor showing at trustee meetings, a shade double-whammy.

Sevugan, who seems to spend his spare time Twitter-beefing with Audrey Gelman, his counterpart on the Stringer campaign, lacerates Stringer in the statement accompanying the chart.

"Statement" might be a strong word, since there's no original text. Instead, it's a collection of quotes from Stringer hyping his performance on the NYCERS trustee board, giving the candidate just enough rope to hang himself with.

"I serve as a trustee of the 45 billion dollar NYCERS fund where I've worked with other trustees to make sure our pension fund is whole and we protect the retirement security of 650,000 New Yorkers. I've been active on the issues of the day," bragged Stringer in the most recent comptroller debate.

Hey Stringer, this churlish campaign flack has a pie chart that insinuates otherwise!

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Just change the key....the blue shade could represent "Whores paid for with tax dollars" or "number of narrow escapes from jail" or "times forced to resign."


It’s not only Eliot Spitzer’s childish attack against Scott Stringer, but because of Spitzer’s lack of personal integrity I will not vote for him.How could anyone put him into public office again knowing that he was using prostitutes while he was Attorney General and Governor, physically abusing the call girls involved with him in his sexcapades.His proclivity for choking them put their lives in danger.He doesn’t deserve the public trust.


Eliot Spitzer enjoys his infamous notoriety just as he enjoyed choking the prostitutes he paid for sex. His abuse of women included forcing them to go down on him to perform unprotected sex. Nice choice for comptroller, a vile megalomaniac, known to have used NYS funds travelling to meet prostitutes.

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