Rightbloggers Plan Big for GOP Success: Less Debate Coverage, 10 New Constitutional Amendments, and the Guy from Duck Dynasty

tomt200.jpgEvery so often rightbloggers look at their cause and their Party and chart a new course of action to guide them back to victory. Though their efforts have of late been about as successful as those of Wrong-Way Peachfuzz, you can't say they're quitters, nor that they aren't willing to try bold ideas to reverse their electoral stasis.

Last week they got excited about these: Improving their messaging on a national scale by excluding two major networks from their 2016 primary debates; amending the Constitution to undo the damage done by voters; and running a guy from Duck Dynasty for Congress.

The Republican National Committee last week moved to exclude CNN and NBC from Republican Presidential debate sponsorship if the networks didn't cancel plans for shows about 2016 Democratic front-runner presumptive Hillary Clinton. (CNN's is a documentary; NBC's is a made-for-TV movie starring Diane Lane.)

The RNC resolution says the networks' planned Hillary programming "amounts to little more than extended commercials promoting former Secretary Clinton" meant to "put a thumb on the scales for the next presidential election," and demanded the networks "cancel the airing of these political ads masked as unbiased entertainment," or no Republican debates for them.

This isn't as nose-cutting nor face-spiting as it looks; some observers have noticed that the GOP leadership, having seen the negative effect of dozen of debates featuring loony second-tier candidates during the 2012 campaign, has been trying to limit the number of intra-party debates anyway, and this is a good excuse to do so, with the added benefit of sticking a thumb in the eye of the Lieberal Media, which the GOP base enjoys -- as demonstrated by the reactions of rightbloggers.

"Agree with this and glad we're doing it," said The Right Scoop. "It seems as if the [Party chairman Reince] Priebus and the RNC have decided to take of the white gloves and go 'mano a mano' with the Democrats and their cohorts," said Javier Manjarres of The Shark Tank. "Score one for the Republicans."

At FrontPageMag, Arnold Ahlert explained that "the RNC's spinelessness" in 2012 allowed Democratic operatives Jim Lehrer of PBS, Candy Crowley of CNN, and Bob Schieffer of CBS to cover for Obama on such pressing issues as Quemoy and Matsu Benghazi.

"It's time to get beyond these [liberal network] moderators' attempts to embarrass, to create gaffes, to suggest that the Republicans are far too extreme for the American people," said Tim Graham of NewsBusters.

"It needs to be made clear to all of the serious candidates that what Reince Priebus and the RNC is doing resonates with a very large swath of the Republican party," demanded Moe Lane at RedState. "The Media went gunning for the GOP in 2012 with those debates. They did everything that they could -- which turned out to be a lot -- to savage our candidates."

Reading this, it seems amazing Republicans have gone along with the MSM-moderator gag for so long, and that Ronald Reagan was ever elected President -- not to mention reelected in a landslide, even after ABC aired the political loaded nuclear-holocaust movie The Day After in 1983.

As described by Rachel Alexander of Right Wing News, though, the Hillary shows are even worse than that: "NBC is producing a miniseries called 'Hillary,' featuring the beautiful actress Diane Lane playing Hillary, no doubt selected to portray the frumpy Clinton as attractively as possible," Alexander reported. Also, in 2012, "the partisan media brought up questions about contraception during the Republican primary debates in order to make it appear to be a real issue," instead of something that only concerns women. The convincer: "Andrew Breitbart was investigating the possible collusion between the media and the Democrat Party before he passed away."

Actually, this looks like something people might want to watch.
At National Review John Fund complained that in 2012 "Crowley stepped out of her role and took Obama's side in a heated moment in the debate," and that other moderators asked Republican primary candidates embarrassing questions about contraception and the death penalty -- NBC's Brian Williams, for example, "asked [Texas] Governor Rick Perry about the criminals executed in the state of Texas," a subject no one had associated with Texas until that moment.

Some thought the RNC wasn't going far enough. "Who thinks that ABC and CBS, which are still good to go, are appreciably less biased against the right than the now-banned NBC and CNN are?" asked Allahpundit at Hot Air. "Wasn't it George Stephanopoulos, an ABC anchor and former Clinton apparatchik, who kicked off the 'war on women' garbage last year by asking Romney that out-of-left-field question about contraception?" Allahpundit's "compromise" solution: "Let CNN run its dumb Hillary hagiography on the condition that Jake Tapper gets to moderate the GOP debate." (Tapper is rightbloggers' current strange-new-respect holder.)

"Too often in 2012, moderators asked the candidates loaded and offensive questions with the veiled (or explicit) purpose of embarrassing them," said Daniel Doherty at TownHall. "...Why, then, should Republicans needlessly give Democrats extra fodder for the general election when they obviously don't need to?" The clear solution, then, is something more like campaign commercials in colloquy format. Then the conservative vision will have a fairer presentation, if a smaller audience.

Getting more control of the means of message production is only part of the plan, though. The message itself has to be a winner. What have rightbloggers got? Complaints about Obama, who will not be running, and calls to overturn Obamacare, which may have grown stale over time. This has led some of the brethren to contemplate new solutions... or at least solutions that are new to you.

"I have dedicated my time to helping elect conservatives in an effort to ensure that at least one political party represents our constitutional form of government," wrote Daniel Horowitz at RedState. "But even as I sweat and toil for this endeavor, I have realized that elections are not enough to restore our liberty... What if we are not successful in electing more Constitutional conservatives?"

A possible solution, suggested Horowitz, is contained in a new book by conservative radio host Mark Levin called The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic. Horowitz listed 10 new Constitutional amendments proposed by Levin, among them the end of direct election of Senators ("so that the power of states is not diluted"), a balanced budget amendment, another requiring voter ID, another "Defining the Commerce Clause," another putting term limits on Supreme Court justices, another...

So, then: it's a wingnut wishlist, written into the Constitution so that elections, which haven't been going their way lately, won't matter so much. "Now I know some of you thumb-sucking conservatives out there will pessimistically dismiss this as an impossible pipe dream," said Horowitz; "the same people who scoff upon our ability to throw out terrible Republicans in primaries... until we successfully do so." Just ask Senators Joe Miller and Christine O'Donnell!

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