Rockaway Ferry Will Keep Serving Queens Commuters Until 2014

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The Mayor's Office* has announced that the Rockaway Ferry will continue serving Queens residents until 2014. Originally slated to close when repairs to the A line were completed back in May, the ferry will serve commuters at Rockaway Park until the end of January.

The fare will stay at $2-a-ride, and Pier 11 in lower Manhattan will remain as the line's terminus.

There are now two full-service ferry lines for commuters to Manhattan from Western Long Island.

Just this month the city instituted a ferry service for train passengers stranded by needed repairs to the R train line between Manhattan and Brooklyn. The trip by ferry to Pier 11 from Southern Brooklyn is actually faster than the train ride, even though it costs $2 extra.

(h/t: NY1)

*Correction: An earlier version of this report stated that the MTA announced the continued service, not the Mayor's office.

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