Scrap Metal Fire Rages Through The Night at Sims Metal Management in Jersey City

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Late Monday night firefighters began battling a massive blaze that broke out around 10pm at Sims Metal Management, a recycling plant in Jersey City.

"The fire was reported at 22:54, and actually we received our first report of it from the Coast Guard," said Bob McHugh, spokesperson for the Jersey City fire department. "We're right here on the New York waterfront."

Sims spokesperson James Haggerty said the blaze "broke out in a stockpile in the scrap metal receiving area for the shredder at our Claremont Terminal facility."

Firefighters dispatched to the scene continued to fight the fire, which engulfed a giant pile of scrap metal at least four stories high, through the night. They were assisted by plant employees using heavy duty cranes to remove material from the stockpile.

By dawn a thick plume of smoke was visible from miles around and the smell of burning metal had wafted over the water to Brooklyn.

At 8:30am Tuesday, Haggerty said, "The fire is contained, controlled and nearly extinguished." The cause is still unknown.

Sims Metal Management is the same plant where a giant metal and plastic pile fire raged for 12 hours back in 2010. The plant pulverizes more than 4,000 tons of metal a day.

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I know this is really weird of me to say, but I had no idea that scrap metal could burn. I mean, isn't it metal? Anyway, I hope no one got hurt. I've seen some pretty nasty fires in my day, and most of them didn't end too well. I hope everyone was able to get out of the factory safely. 


Oh no! I hope no one got hurt! I wonder what caused the fire. Fires are really dangerous and every precaution needs to be taken to prevent them. Hopefully this business didn't lose a lot of money due to the fire.


It's so sad to see fires like this devastating people's property and possessions. I had no idea fire could travel through a scrap metal yard so quickly! I hope they are able to pick themselves up again quickly, as it can be hard for small businesses to pay for damages caused by fires like this. I don't suppose they had fire insurance that could help pay for the damages?

Jensen |

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