Susan Sarandon Playing Ping-Pong with FDNY Commissioner Salvatore Cassano [PHOTO]

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Insider Images/Andrew Kelly for STIGA
"Say, Norma. We should get to ping-pongin'."
Fresh off getting vaginas off the minds of lady voters with some ping-pong, Susan Sarandon got busy getting fighting fires off the minds of firefighters with some ping-pong. Sarandon, who is part owner of the Space Age ping-pong boutique Spin New York, will donate 10 tables to firehouses and EMS stations around the city. Everybody celebrated with a photo op on August 21, in which Sarandon takes on FDNY Commissioner Salvatore Cassano for some one-on-one paddle-fwapping.

Sarandon visited Engine 14 in Lower Manhattan for the op. According to a NYDN report, she politely dissed the police department and said something about hockey.

Come on, Cassano. Show Speed Racer's mom what you're made of.

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