Grading the Twerkers at Big Freedia's Record-Setting Twerk-A-Thon

Categories: Twerk It Out
At 12:30 p.m. on September 25 in the Year of Our Lord 2013, something amazing happened: Some 358 New Yorkers got together in Herald Square and broke the world record for the number of people twerking simultaneously. The rules were simple: Keep your back straight. Pop your hips, not your knees. And no hands on the floor! Big Freedia led the crowd in a two-minute werkout workout to a cut from her upcoming album. Some brought their twerking A-game. Some, not so much. Runnin' Scared gives letter grades to five of our favorite attendees after the jump.

You got potential. But don't give up! There's still 90 seconds to go!

Style: B
Enthusiasm: B+
Technique: B-

Those are some pink shorts. We like the energy, but we have to say, too much knee, not enough wobble-wobble.

Style: B-
Enthusiasm: B+
Technique: C-

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