Six CUNY Students Were Arrested for Protesting David Petraeus's Appointment [VIDEO]

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Screencap via YouTube
Six CUNY Students were arraigned last week on charges of resisting arrest during a peaceful protest against David Petraeus's teaching appointment at the college. A YouTube video of the arrest surfaced late in the week, showing NYPD officers brutalizing the protesting students. The violence in the video--at one point you see an already subdued 25-year-old Luis Henriquez being punched in the back--has energized CUNY faculty enough to demand Petraeus's resignation.

The students arrested were among 70 protesters at the Macaulay Honors College in the Upper West Side. Besides Henriquez, Jose Disla, 25, Augustin Castro, 23, Denise Ford, 24, Angelica Hernandez, 18, and Rafael Pena, 24, were arraigned on charges ranging from resisting arrest to obstruction of government administration, according to the New York Post.

The "Ad Hoc Committee Against the Militarization of CUNY," a student group opposed to Petraeus teaching at the college, issued a press release condemning the arrests, insisting the protest was peaceful. A YouTube video posted by an unknown demonstrator seems to corroborate the statement, showing NYPD swarming the protest and getting physical with a number of protesters.

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In response to the arrests, faculty and graduate students circulated a statement repudiating the actions of the NYPD and Macaulay's administration.

Roughly 450 graduate students and academics have signed the petition, calling for the immediate dismissal of Petraeus. Among the complaints is Petraeus's leading role in the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as his recent support of military intervention in Syria.

"Petraeus is responsible for countless deaths and innumerable destruction in Iraq and Afghanistan as a war commander and chief of the CIA," reads the statement.

Despite university-wide dissatisfaction with Petraeus's continued employment at the University, school administrators doubled down on Petraeus's teaching gig in a statement issued to Macaulay's website on Friday.

Interim Chancellor William P. Kelly refers to Tuesday's protest as "corrosive of the values at the heart of the academic enterprise." The statement makes no mention of the arrests.

It is unclear if students face disciplinary action from the university. Runnin' Scared is awaiting comment from Macaulay Honors College.

See the video below, along with the full press release from the Ad Hoc Committee Against the Militarization of CUNY.

Petraeus Protest Arrests Press Release - 9/18/2013 by Steve Horn

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A lifelong pacifist, I've discovered that David Petraeus is the most effective peacemaker I've ever known of.

For sixty years, he has sprinted up America's bureaucratic but-crack, grabbed that giant Pegasus by the reins, and said,

"Can we think about this, folks? Let's take a closer look at the neighbors. Maybe they're not so bad after all. In fact, I'll go myself."

And he did.

Blessed are the peacemakers. God Bless Professor Petraeus.


There's protesting, even loud somewhat obnoxious protesting, and there's verbal harassment. The students, not surprisingly, went straight for the verbal harassment form of group behavior..

And, of course, they realized there was safety in numbers. 

They also showed a remarkably naive belief in the power of video. Seems they believe that recording the police performing their duties in accordance with departmental regulations is the protestors' idea of catching the cops violating someone's civil rights.

More likely than not, Ray Kelly will consider using this video for training purposes, showing recruits at the police academy how to handle protesters who want a physical altercation to occur.

frank124c topcommenter

David Petraeus and President Obama are war criminals and  Interim Chancellor William P. Kelly, Mayor Bloomberg and the NYPD are all collaborators. 


This is just a selfish action by a bunch of self designated victims of some sort of horrors that occurred at some point in central and or south america to some hispanic people ... like there have never been any atrocities visited upon the hispanics of central and south america. 

It seems that the death toll in central and south america by murderous drug dealers, petty dictators and the politically insane .... like Che G and Fidel C and Pablo Escobar and the pigs who lead Argentina .... etc .... and what about the tens of thousands of deaths in Mexico that just keep going like the Energizers Bunny? Nah .... that was uh ... er .... ya ... wait .. Winston Churchill's fault .... ya him or Sarah Palin ... but for sure ... it's General Petraeus's fault so he can't have a job ... ever ... anywhere .... says the righteous academics of NY College.


There's a reason for Death Squads - to get rid of Liberal scum like these - and the professor who put them up to this. Liberalism is worse than Nazism - Liberals will turn their backs on anyone, anywhere, any time to perpetuate their sick, self-serving hypocrisy. (At least the Nazis took ownership of their final solution.) The only good a Liberal is a rotting corpse in a ditch.


Watch this video: Petraeus is walking through the streets of NYC, alone, without an entourage or bodyguards, and these knuckleheads are screaming at him like maniacs. He completely ignores them, because A) Comparing his intelligence to theirs would be like comparing a Princeton PhD (Oh, he is one.) to a turnip, and B) None of them will ever amount to as much as one of the pimples on his ass. Cursing at and hounding someone on the street is assault. That he has not tried to press charges against them shows that he is about 100 times the person that they are. 


"Interim Chancellor William P. Kelly refers to Tuesday's protest as "corrosive of the values at the heart of the academic enterprise." The statement makes no mention of the arrests."

The corrosive values are Kelly's for hiring such a person as Petraeus, the war monger and war criminal. A person with such back ground has no place on a university campus. 

Apparently the cops, beating up on protesters, had already listened to one of Petraeus' lectures!


@JPMcMahon Cursing someone isn't assault.  You need to refresh your memory on what constitutes assault.

Now killing civilians in a war zone, as Petraeus has done, is assault writ large.


@wellentreiben I would say that you are , at best, talking out the side of your neck. You claim that the hiring of Petraeus is the corrosive influence, while ignoring the fact that what the chancellor was referring to was the fact that academic integrity cannot be maintained when the ignorant decide to use mob rule to force changes in policy.


@wellentreiben Yes, because swarming a decorated veteran of our armed forces and shouting insults and slurs is completely peaceful. They got less than they deserved. My vote? They get kicked out of the school themselves, with no reimbursement. 


@Guest Assault: an intentional act by one person that creates an apprehension in another of an imminent harmful or offensive contact.. Gee, I stand corrected, You are correct because Petraeus, even though he is at least twice the age of any of these goons, could have dropped his briefcase and taken out any or all of them and probably not broken a sweat or come to any harm himself. 


@NoneYaBusiness @wellentreiben I agree. Does the school not have a code of conduct their students are required to uphold? There is such a thing as peaceful protest but this crosses the line to harassment and verbal assault of a faculty member. This reminds me of Vietnam and the mistakes made in Soldiers homecomings. 

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