Fashion Week: Alan Cumming Gets Lei'd at Cynthia Rowley; rag & bone's Tomboy Cleans Up

Angela Ashman
A luau at Cynthia Rowley.
Upon arriving at the Highline Hotel for Cynthia Rowley's presentation on Saturday evening, we were handed a program covered in images of her inspirations for spring. There were colorful leis, tulips, crashing waves, a dog wearing a pineapple on its head, and, the most curious of all, Luke Wilson as the washed-up tennis player Richie Tenenbaum. What it all added up to was a collection worthy of a tropical island getaway the way Rowley herself would do it.

Not one to lounge around on the beach, Rowley, as she has said in many an interview, spends her vacations surfing, swimming, and searching for adventure with her family. To that end, she presented wetsuits with Polynesian floral patterns, a top with a Hawaiian lei printed on it paired with tropical leaf-print cigarette pants (great for a leisurely hike), and a strapless black bathing suit with a sparkly green kelp-like design (perhaps to snorkel in?).

Angela Ashman
Cynthia Rowley and Alan Cumming

Models also wore black tennis wristbands (à la Richie Tenenbaum) with flowers stitched onto them. Not one to skip the luau at the end of the day, Rowley offered plenty of frilly party dresses and midriff-baring tops and long skirts with abstract designs as well.

Inside the cavernous hall festooned with colorful streamers and paper globes, Rowley raced about to greet her guests, including Alan Cumming and the towering Tyson Chandler of the Knicks (whom she stood on a platform to hug). At the presentation's end, the models all lined up together for the cameras, and the designer zoomed down the row of beauties with an outstretched arm, giving them each a high-five for a job well done. The takeaway: We'll have whatever she's having.

Over at rag & bone at Moynihan Station on West 33rd Street, there were also plenty of options for the downtown gal who's always on the go. In past seasons, Marcus Wainwright and David Neville have drawn style inspiration from such manly pursuits as motocross racing and the military for lots of tough, masculine details. But for spring, the duo turned to the minimalism of the '90s for a collection of clean, modern looks in black, silver, and white and a range of pastels that should be a hit in stores.

Angela Ashman
rag & bone

Highlights included overalls with a cropped halter top underneath and black leather carpenter pants paired with a feminine sleeveless top in peach. Checking out the clothes from the front row right next to Anna Wintour was Russell Westbrook, a point guard for the NBA's Oklahoma City Thunder, who, like Chandler, is very enthusiastic about shopping and fashion. Something tell us the numerous see-through tops and exposed bellies on display were a slam dunk with the athlete.

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