Lots of NYU and Columbia Women Have Sugar Daddies to Pay for School

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It's no secret that the cost of a college education has skyrocketed in the last decade. With tuition and cost of living increases outpacing the growth in median income across the country and student loans increasingly becoming a bad option, it's no wonder more people are resorting to creative means of footing the bill: getting rich father figures who are sexually attracted to you to pay for school.

SeekingArrangement.com conducted an informal survey of women at college across the U.S., and found that 63 percent of NYU and 47 percent of Columbia female students thought having a sugar daddy would help with paying for school. Now, that's not the same as the number of students who are actively looking for a Sugar Daddy. Thankfully, the survey measured that, too.

"Representatives from SeekingArrangement.com went on-campus and asked students currently enrolled at each respective school 'Could you use a Sugar Daddy?'," Seeking Arrangement spokesperson Angela Bermudo tells Runnin' Scared. "The surveys on NYU and Columbia were conducted over a stretch of three days."

Seeking Arrangement, which calls itself "the leader in the sugar daddy space worldwide," found that 861 NYU students were registered as "sugar babies" on the site, as were 331 Columbia students.

Those numbers are up from 534 and 243, respectively, from their last survey in January.

These figures put NYU and Columbia in the top 20 schools surveyed based on the number of sugar babies on the website. The two universities--both private--are among the most expensive in the country. For whatever it's worth, Columbia is the only Ivy League institution to make the list.

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In the last academic year, Columbia tuition clocked in at just above $45,000, while NYU's came in at $41,000. That's not including the cost of books, room, and board.

According to a statement released by SeekingArrangement, college students make up nearly half of all users on the website, each receiving an average of $3,000 per month from her designated Sugar Daddy. No word yet on how many male students have Sugar Mamas (or Daddies: it's 2013), but count on Runnin' Scared to find out.

Here's a YouTube spot SeekingArrangement is using to advertise its survey results. The video was filmed on the campuses of NYU and Columbia.

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It looks like we have a legal from of prostitution here.


Both the earlier comments from @Jason and @rexmerritt are probably from unemployed men who don't have much luck with the ladies. Gain some culture, real Sugar Babies actually know how to be ladies, and for those that are new to it; a proper Sugar Daddies are great mentors who mold women to their full potential.


Get a job you dumb cunts instead of acting like worthless whores. Despicable. 


What's old is new. Flatbackin' returns.


@BritLadinUS Well I'm sure if they were billionaires their luck would change overnight.

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