Seven Great Clips from W. Kamau Bell's Totally Biased, the Ballsy Comedy/Talk Show From the Future

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W. Kamau Bell, amusingly outraged
In this week's cover story, about W. Kamau Bell and his hilarious progressive talk show's leap to a four-nights-a-week broadcast schedule, we found excuses to throw in lots of videos of Totally Biased highlights-- but not as many as we wanted.

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Here, then, are seven more great clips from a promising, often-great talk/comedy show that in its first year on the air has combined Daily Show-style timeliness and wit with a friendly, aggressive activist's spirit. Bell and Totally Biased aren't just in the business of pointing out how awful this world can be-- they're engaged in improving it.

1. The Tracy Off

Janine Britto, the stand-up and writer, attempts to out-Tracy Tracy Morgan.

2. No More Mr. Nice Gay

From that same episode, the second since the show went daily last week, here's Totally Biased writer Guy Branum's wickedly sharp takedown of the purportedly comic homophobia resorted to by Seth Rogen and company at the roast of James Franco. He roasts the roast with such right-on fury that this clip should kill gay jokes in mainstream comedy for good-- let's hope Jay Leno and Craig Ferguson, both of whom still rely on 'em, get the message.

3. Sikhs vs. Sheiks

In the wake of the Glen Cove, Wisconsin, shooting in a Sikh Temple, W. Kamau Bell explains the differences between Sikhs and Sheiks, just after demonstrating how often the media screws this up.

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