The Ten Worst Speed Traps in the New York City Metro Area

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Monday: blech. The city's population is about to add 600,000 commuters coming from around the metropolitan area. To you, intrepid bridge-and-tunnel people: don't speed. New York gives out the third highest number of driving citations of any state in the country. No need to add any more grief to the start of your work week, so we at Runnin' Scared thought we'd do you a solid and compile a list of the top ten speed traps in the New York City metropolitan area.

In this very unscientific study, we went to, a resource from the National Motorists Association, and found the stretches of road with cops lying in wait for speeders. We've included testimonials from some victims of these traps.

If there are any speed traps you feel like we missed, let us know in the comments. We might just add it our list.

Number 10: Belt Parkway/Knapp Street, Brooklyn

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Coming off the Belt Parkway at Knapp Street the speed limit goes to 30 MPH ramp speed. An unmarked police car with radar on sitting just to the right of the exit ramp. All day risk of a ticket. Speeding through here is dangerous due to parking lot entrance and stores.

Number 9: Korean War Memorial 440 Overpass, Staten Island

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Highway patrol with laser hiding under the 440 overpass on the south bound korean war memorial parkway.

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