Banksy in NY: It Looks We'll Have to Wait Until 5 p.m. for Today's Announcement

Categories: Banksy, Meta

In a week full of firsts for "Better Out Than In," Banksy announces not the art, but when the formal announcement of today's artwork will take place. There you have it, folks: Banksy opens up a new frontier in meta-announcements.

While we wait for the formal announcement, to come at 5 p.m., see the Village Voice's roundup of all things Banksy, from his exclusive interview with the Voice's Keegan Hamilton to our map tracking every Banksy artwork to date.

And just for good measure, click through to find the location of yesterday's installment of "Better Out Than In," a man with a wilting bouquet waiting outside Larry Flynt's Hustler strip joint in Hell's Kitchen.

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