Banksy's Latest Is a Graffiti Robot on Coney Island

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It's the dog days of "Better Out Than In," and Banksy has decided to step away from his comfort zone in the Lower East Side and inner Brooklyn for his latest work. Today's piece is out on Coney Island: a robot standing next to a barcode.

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The barcode number reads 13274125. We don't know if it means anything. We'll update if we find out.

On the next page are some more images of the piece and the exact location for the piece.

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13274125 is the nucleotide sequence for Humans.,,

Chip Shirley
Chip Shirley

Video magazine for the Athens scene circa 1999- I shot and edited this as a 'would be' monthly TV show for a local Athens channel that went out of business just as I had it finished. When that last local TV station in Athens went away in 1999 (before I could air Scope) I put this on the shelf and sadly tried to forget about it. Years later when Youtube came on the scene (and finally became functional) I tried and failed to get Scope uploaded, but recently I tried again and succeeded. We do have a great music-art scene here in Athens and it deserves video coverage today too. I dedicate this to Bill Doss of the GREAT Olivia Tremor Control...the original 'Italian Seaside Ice Jester'. Chip Shirley INTRO- 2:16- Jucifer 'Superman' 6:00- 8 Track Gorilla 'Mental Illness' 6:54- Pearce Williams 'Sugarlump' 9:24- Street Girls 10:10- Harry Carry backstage at High Hat and DJ Darcy at GA Theater 10:45- Empire State at Team Clermont Prom 12:37- Widespread 'Panic in the Streets' 15:45 -ORT 'I'm too fat!' 17:23- Leguano 'My Garage' 20:23- Brian 'On the Street' 20:43 Melted Men and Olivia Tremor Control 'Italian Seaside Ice Jester' a capella' OUTRO.

Melanie Oringer
Melanie Oringer

Graffiti is real art and people who create it are real artists. They just use different mediums for their canvas. More attention and respect should be given to them and their work! #Save5Pointz

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