Banksy Day 9: Crazy Horses Riding Through the Lower East Side to a WikiLeaks Soundtrack

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The Lower East Side is host to Banksy's latest piece: a crowd of stampeding horses in night-vision goggles, classical figures of men prostrating themselves before the wild stallions as they ride gallantly into battle. Or something. Anyway, we've got the location of the piece, thanks to a helpful commenter on Instagram.

A distinguishing feature of this new piece is that no part of it is on a wall: It's rendered on the sides of two vehicles, adding impressive visual depth.

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But the real heft of this piece is in the accompanying audio. No tongue-in-cheek barbs aimed at the art world. No smarm about the nature of graffiti in the modern era.

No, just the racket of gun turrets and radio communications between soldiers killing civilians.

The cut comes from the infamous Collateral Murder video released to WikiLeaks by Chelsea Manning in 2010. The 17-minute horror show depicts the killing of children and civilians by U.S. soldiers in Iraq trying to rescue wounded Iraqi combatants. The sound taken for the Banksy piece starts comes around the 12-minute mark.

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It ends with: "They shouldn't have brought a kid to a gun battle."

Watch the video below.

On the next page is a map to the location of the latest piece.

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Wow, more banality for fawning white dipshits...

Q: when, if ever, is Banksy going to work in Brownsviile, East New York, Canarsie, the Bronx, South Jamaica etc?

Or are there not enough self-styled 'curators' warming up for that night's 'table talk' to matter?


awesome, and the audio is perfect. reminds everybody that Chelsea Manning is a true hero for telling the whole US what is going on in their name.

Deb Ackley
Deb Ackley

Actually do not like the video below. Too much killing!!

Brett Williams
Brett Williams

I saw some Banksy last night in Harlem, It was a truck filled with a 3d sculpture of a rainforest. Most Beautiful thing I have ever seen.


@JuanTorrio The only thing more irritating than fawning white dipshits are fucking hipper-than-thou assholes. 


@Brett Williams Hey white boy, what you doin' uptown?

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