Day Four of Better Out Than In: Banksy Posts Three New Artworks in One Day [UPDATE]

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Wowza! New York woke up this morning to not one but three new Banksy works in one day, scattered across the Lower East Side, Bushwick, and Williamsburg. The new set is called Random Graffiti Given A Broadway Makeover (An ongoing series), and they're the best ones yet.

Update, 10:50 a.m.: (We think) we found one of them!

Update, 11:40 a.m.: Location confirmed!

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With his other works, Banksy's humor was more winking that out-and-out funny. With these new ones, basically high-brow mad libs, he is obviously going for the big laughs. And considering that neither Occupy! The Musical nor Dirty Underwear The Musical aren't outside the realm of possibility, he might be going for sobs, too.

The three pieces aren't accompanied by a hotline number, but we'll wait to see if his page is updated with one.

We haven't pinpointed the locations of all three yet, or even which stencil is in which neighborhood--Banksy's Instagram says Occupy! The Musical is in Bushwick, so it stands to reason that Playground Mob and Dirty Underwear are in or near Delancey and Williamsburg, respectively. As always, Runnin' Scared's tip lines are open, so if you have any idea where they might be, get in touch!

Update: Village Voice Food Editor Laura Shunk confirmed the location of Dirty Underwear The Musical this morning. "Crowds are gathering! Fast!" She tells us.

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Wu Castaneda
Wu Castaneda

i bet the emo kids are drooling with their tight jeans their ass

Ralph Rushton
Ralph Rushton

saw one in the wild once in TO and have seen 3 or 4 in Bristol, his home town. Love it.

Brian Dwels
Brian Dwels

its crazy how the press is all like yum yum eat em up for every sighting #bringbacktheoldnewyorkfuckthisyuppybullshit

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