Banksy in New York Day 17: Bed-Stuy's Williamsburg's Very Own Geisha on a Bridge

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Day 17 of "Better Out Than In" takes us to Bed-Stuy south Williamsburg. The scene is silhouettes of women in kimono greeting each other atop a bridge, complete with parasols and a cherry blossom. Despite the wee stumble into stereotype, it's a pretty inventive use of the streetscape, Runnin' Scared has to admit.

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Today's polemic targets the media obsession with the residency (which we write without a trace of self-awareness). On his website, Banksy posted this morning's outrageous New York Post cover story "GET BANKSY!", which claims "police are going ALL OUT to find him." True to form, Banksy brushes it off with "I don't read what i [sic] believe in papers."

Update: Thanks to closer inspection of a map and some grumpy e-mails, we should clarify that the piece's location is better described as south Williamsburg. This is the second time Banksy has confused Williamsburg for another Brooklyn neighborhood.

We've got a potential location for the piece. Click through to the next page for a wide shot of the stencil and a map.

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Shut up idiots.  One post a day isn't going to cause too much mental damage to you delicate flowers.  Go argue about facial hair or not having a TV.

Luis Orozco
Luis Orozco

Not impressed. Shadowman did it alreay.

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