Banksy's Graffiti Leopard at Yankee Stadium

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It was well worth spending the day compulsively refreshing Banksy's Instagram. The artist's penultimate showing in "Better Out Than In" is a gorgeous leopard stencil at Yankee Stadium. We don't know the precise location of the piece, titled Bronx Zoo, but it's clear that the stencil is on the wall of the stadium.

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Here's a map of all of Banksy's pieces in the city since he began "Better Out Than In." We're already starting to miss you, Banksy.

View Banksy in New York in a larger map

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Spencer Tiberius Rappaport
Spencer Tiberius Rappaport

you know that guy ^ has typed that after every banksy the voice puts up right? He's welcome here. ha

Alvaro Slv
Alvaro Slv

Very Cool, luckily he's leaving the "Ghetto for life" signature in the Bx behind, not the best idea lol

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