Is This Today's Banksy in Morningside Heights? [UPDATE]

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Taylor Carman
Is this the New Banksy?
A tipster let us know that they might have spotted the new Banksy up in Morningside Heights. We haven't confirmed it to be today's Banksy, but from the looks of it, Runnin' Scared thinks we have a winner.

Update, 9:15 a.m.: We have the location, but it's still unclear if it's a Banksy or not.

Update, 9:35 a.m.: False alarm, folks. The stencil looks to be the work of Icy and Sot. That would be the second time Icy and Sot have tripped us up this month. We don't know whether to be mad or to tip our hats.

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Tipster Taylor Carman tweeted at us this morning with the image of the stencil showing a child wearing an "I <3 NY" T-shirt.

A tip from a commenter and some Googling revealed that this is a stencil that Icy and Sot have done before in the Bronx.

Here's our question: Was that stencil there before or after the start of "Better Out Than In"? Our cynical selves are telling us no. Hitching their work to the insane Banksy publicity apparatus is a pretty dastardly--and effective--way to showcase their work. So as raw as we are at being duped (which is partly our fault, anyway), we gotta show some respect to Icy and Sot and their equally engaging street art.

On the next page is a map pointing to where this Icy and Sot is.

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The same stencil is painted on the wall of a tub and toilet installation shop around the corner from my place. It's been around long before this banksey guy started getting attention.

Sakae Manning
Sakae Manning

Maybe Banksy has a crew or has inspired an artistic movement...

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