Banksy Goes to Staten Island With a Vaginal Anthill

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Screencap from YouTube
This morning Banksy posted video of an anthill, saying on that it's in Staten Island, marking his first work on the borough during his monthlong New York "residency." The hunt has been on for the piece since this morning. You're not crazy, it looks like a vagina, and it's not the first time Banksy has mimicked, ahem, anatomy with his work.

See the video below.

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We will update when we have the precise location. In the meantime, uh, enjoy?

Here's our interactive map of Banksy in NYC:

View Banksy in New York in a larger map

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Angelo Noal
Angelo Noal

As Archie Bunker might say, "Big whoop-dee-doo."

Wes Lawson
Wes Lawson

There's no question that it's a shitty butthole. Stop seeing vaginas where there aren't any.

Todd Lewis
Todd Lewis

tribute to Salvadore Dali, who used ants in his early work............

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