This Morning's Banksy Asks Who the Asshole Is Here, Really

Good morning. Banksy's still here, and we're pretty sure he thinks you're an asshole. The British scourge struck horrifyingly earlier this morning, while your humble bloggers were still caffeinating and thinking up more unkind jokes about the English.

The newest piece is on the back of a truck in Sunset Park. "The grumpier you are, the more assholes you meet," it proclaims. On his website, Banksy suggests this as an "alternative New York bumper slogan." Aww. Is someone not getting a warm-enough New York welcome?

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No word yet on just where in Sunset Park this grouchy Zen koan of a truck is parked, although Instagram detectives suggest somewhere on Second Avenue. We'll be looking. In the meantime, someone give Banksy a hug, and maybe get that dude a bagel. He seems to be feeling a little under-appreciated.

Update: The truck is parked in a place!

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