11 Unanswered Questions From Bill de Blasio's Reddit AMA (and 10 Answered Ones)

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In his first Reddit AMA on Tuesday afternoon, Bill de Blasio bashed Bloomberg and "Manhattan foodies," deflected a question about Airbnb, and explained how he would have handled Occupy Wall Street.

Among the other revelations to come out of the two-hour Q&A? De Blasio loves Di Fara Pizzeria in Midwood, he's a big fan of Pope Francis, he won't ever bike to work, and his son, Dante, "does not leave the house in the morning without carefully using his pick to strike a perfect geometric balance. "

But there were far more questions left unanswered on Tuesday than not.

Here are 11 questions de Blasio didn't touch:

11. "Have you seen Banksy's new artwork in the city? What do you think about street art?"

10. "What about rebuilding a trolley system (as there used to be in Queens and Brooklyn)?"

9. "Bill if elected will you shut down the illegal backyard parties in BedStuy that keep me up at night? Thanks."

8. "Hello, If elected Mayor, will you continue to ignore the Rockaways as you have done throughout your campaign?"

7. "As mayor, would you be open to addressing the unfair burden [$200 permits] that this very specific segment of park users [tennis players] are being asked shoulder?"

6. "Have you heard of Gogo Curry? Would you like to go to Gogo Curry with me one of these days?"

5. "If you had to choose between a purely free market society (in which government directed redistribution and price control schemes were outlawed, and any and all charitable efforts were organized privately), and a purely socialistic one (whereby a one-party centralized state enjoyed 100% ownership and control of means of production, and legitimately had the power to redistribute any and all property as it saw fit), which one would you choose? No grey area, this is an either/or question."

4. "Will you continue the use of the NYPD as the mayor's personal army?"

3. "Why on earth did you honeymoon there [in Cuba] and not any of the other countries in that region?"

2. "The first time I ever saw you? Your photo proudly displayed on my barber's table, Alberto from Astor Place! Isn't he the best?"

1. "Taxes?"

0. "Also, I call you DeBlaz, hope that's cool"

The public advocate did answer some questions Redditors posed--several softballs, but a couple substantive ones, too. Here's a round-up of his most interesting answers.

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