Miriam Carey, Dental Hygienist Who "Made It Out" of East New York, Identified as Capitol Suspect [UPDATED]

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Miriam Carey
A woman with a small child in her car who tried to break through a barricade outside the White House, rammed a police car near the U.S. Capitol, and was ultimately shot to death by Capitol police has been identified as Miriam Carey, 34, of Stamford, Connecticut. Carey is from Brooklyn, where she grew up in the Louis Pink Houses, a New York City Housing Authority building in East New York. She's the second Brooklyn native in two weeks to be involved in a violent incident in D.C.; the first was Aaron Alexis, the suspect in the September 16 shootings at the Washington Navy Yards.

In a weird coincidence, the Army was also holding a mock mass casualty training for first responders in D.C. yesterday. It's not yet clear whether the training was suspended during the shooting.

According to a report by the Washington Post, Carey attended Hostos Community College in the Bronx, graduating with an associate's degree in dental hygiene, as well as Brooklyn College, graduating in 2007 with a bachelor's degree in health and nutrition science. She moved to Connecticut and had a baby girl named Erica. "She got out, she got a good job," one childhood friend told Newsday.

Carey grew up with her mother and four sisters at the Pink Houses; one of them expressed shock when reached by the Post. "She wouldn't be in D.C.," Amy Carey told the paper. She was just in Connecticut two days ago, I spoke to her. . . . I don't know what's happening."

Capitol police chased Carey from the White House and around Capitol Hill, with her black Infiniti at times reaching speeds of more than 70 miles an hour. It's unclear at what point police realized she had a toddler in the car with her. After Carey stepped out of her vehicle and was shot by police, a little girl with short box braids was seen being carried away from the scene, unharmed. Carey was taken to a hospital and pronounced dead; according to the New York Times, identifying her was difficult "due to the extent of her injuries." It's not yet known if the little girl in the car was Carey's daughter. Carey appears to have been unarmed.

Authorities said Carey had a history of unspecified mental illness; her mother, Idella Carey, told ABC News that her daughter had suffered from post-partum depression after having her baby last August, and had to be hospitalized a few months later. She believed her daughter was taking the baby to a doctor's appointment yesterday morning.

The incident happened on the last day of an Army training exercise to prepare for a "mass casualty" situation in D.C. More information and photo on the following page.

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